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#1 SeizetsuKenSeie on 10 years ago

Hello everyone,

I recently wore this Sheik Costume to Anime Boston 2010. I am planning on fixing it up to wear to Connecticon, and other cons in the future. But before I start the process of revising the costume, I would like to hear some opinions on what I should work on. I would like to make this a durable costume, and so any suggestions you might have to make a costume last a long time are welcome.

The gallery can be found here: [URL=""][/URL]/

And here is reference: [url][/url]

It is made of cotton jersey, knits, and upholstery.

For more information on the costume and the process I went through to make it, [URL=""]click here.[/URL]



#2 SeizetsuKenSeie on 10 years ago

Any advice would be helpful. Or even advice on posing or how to make this costume easier to critique! I will provide any information that I can.

#3 theonlyangel77 on 10 years ago

i love it. i would say try and look more masculine, i know Sheik is Zelda, but she looks very butch in that form..
as for advice on how to look more like a man, im not to good with that.. lol.. darken your eyebrows.
awesome job!

#4 Thearah on 10 years ago

I does look rather perfect, but I agree with theonlyangel77. Sheik is supposed to be a man, or at least androgynous-- so I'd say just act more masculine. The cosplay itself looks fantastic though.

#5 SeizetsuKenSeie on 10 years ago

Thank you both!
I, the smallest, girliest creature, will continue to practice posing like a man! :D

#6 milk&honey on 10 years ago

Looks very good, and I also realize he's supposed to be a bit more masculine, but I believe you're pulling it off very well. The only structural thing I noticed is your head piece/face mask are a bit wrinkly, and it looks like the same white fabric you used for other small pieces of the costume. Perhaps change this fabric into a smoother, stretchier fabric?

#7 Her Silhouette on 10 years ago

I really think this is a lovely cosplay. You did a great job on the detail work. I agree with the others as far as androgyny goes. Also, kind of in the opposite direction, if you could make your poses a little more graceful looking, that seems like it'd give a good Sheik vibe. : ) He... she... he-she is very agile and graceful. Your posing is really good! Just seems like adding a little more grace would put the icing on the very well done cake. : )

#8 SeizetsuKenSeie on 10 years ago

thank you very much for the suggestions! I'll work on that.