D. Gray-Man Gathering 2013

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#1 ININ on 8 years ago

Welcome to the Fanime '13 D. Gray-Man Gathering! First, the gathering info:

[b]Date:[/b] Day 3, Sun May 26
[b]Time:[/b] 4:30pm
[b]Meeting Place:[/b] G8c (Front of Convention Center, Marriott Side by the trees.)
[b]Location:[/b] G8c (Front of Convention Center, Marriott Side by the trees.)

We organized the Fanime '12 gathering last minute thanks to airanimechiic. Fortunately, the turnout was good. Everyone had a good time ^__^ Even Cookie Monster appeared as a substitute Akuma XD Here's a sample pic from last year.

I volunteer to organize the Fanime '13 gathering. We organize it early to discuss anything including when we should meet, photo requests, who's cosplaying as what character, and hanging out before and after. A few of us even attended the Black & White ball. Obviously, we're already dressed up lol ;)

To start the conversation, I took the initiative to reserve the day, time, and location. We can change. I thought I keep it consistent from last year's gathering time =) The late time can be beneficial to some who cosplay multiple characters for the earlier and bigger gatherings. I take pics of the gathering, too.


[b]ININ [/b]Allen Walker Ver. 1
[b]TwilightLarryV1[/b] Allen Walker Ver. 3
[b]ShadowYazoo[/b] Kanda Training Outfit
[b]ShadowYazoo's friend[/b] Lavi
[b]DracoMancer[/b] Krory Ver. 2
[b]nillwings[/b] Miranda Ver. 2

[b][u]Photo List[/u][/b]

Group shot #1
Individual characters
Black Order
Millennium Earl and Akumas
Male characters
Female characters
Versions 1, 2, 3 uniforms
Reenactments from manga or TV
Action shots
Gag shots lol
Cosplayer requests
Group shot #2

*Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Mirror post at Fanime: [url]http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,18183.0.html[/url]

#2 ININ on 8 years ago

#3 DragonKeeper on 8 years ago

Oh sweet! Sunday is perfect because I'll be doing Krory Sunday 8D, not just for the day but also for BnW Ball :D I was the Krory from last year :3 So definitely count me in! [Edit] My friend nillwings is cosplaying Miranda with me for Sunday, and we'll both be in Ver. 2 outfits. So now you got two more DGM peeps! Look forward to seeing you guys :D

#4 ININ on 8 years ago

[b]Update #2[/b]

*Added Versions 1, 2, 3 uniforms to the photo list
*Added more cosplayers

@DracoMancer, added you and nillwings to the list. We end the gathering at a reasonable time for those who want to attend the B&W ball when the doors open :]

#5 ININ on 8 years ago

I want to thank all the D. Gray-Man cosplayers who attended the gathering C: I appreciated everyone being flexible and going with the flow because a few people wanted to attend the B&W ball and the masquerade. Nobody knew the official time when the doors opened. Times released were between 4pm-5:30pm *ugh*

I hope everyone had fun and enjoyed being together :) I didn't realize how time flew.

I'm working on my photos. I post another reply with the link. Thanks for being patient ^__^

In the meantime, our official Fanime photographer, Greg Edwards, posted his pics. Here's the direct link: [url]http://cosplayphotographer.slickpic.com/a/Sunday4pm7pm?squared[/url]. Mr. Edwards also posted 2012 pics: [url]http://gregedwards.smugmug.com/Cosplay[/url]. There are two sections at his smugmug. Thank you Mr. Edwards for taking our pics!

#6 ININ on 8 years ago

My D. Gray-Man gathering pics are up. Please scroll down below the CLAMP gathering pics C: [url]http://fanimegatherings.innovateinfinitely.com/2013.html[/url] Enjoy!

I want to thank everyone again for coming. I feared the turnout was low due to events starting earlier than 2012. The turnout actually was great XD I admit I sorta rushed. I wished I had more time for more pics. It seemed other gatherings experienced time pressure as well >.>

This is my last Fanime. I ask someone else to organize Fanime '14. Follow the procedures from BSaphire and everything is going to be okay :)

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