Philosopher's Stone

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#1 OswinBeifong on 6 years ago

I'm currently working on a Solf J. Kimblee cosplay, and I've hit a snag. I cannot find a Philosopher's Stone anywhere. Does anyone know where to buy one or how to make one (without slaughtering people)? I really want to find/make one that's in the crystal form that Kimblee has.

#2 emlights on 6 years ago

I don't know how to make one and im sorry at that but I'd just like to say how much I laughed at that (without slaughtering people) joke.
Thanks for the laugh!

#3 Masenkohuh on 5 years ago

there are a couple of things you could use. a piece of glass painted with red glass paint, sometimes you can find a cut bead for pendants in craft stores. Also as far as gemstones a nice chunk of polished garnet works well too.

#4 Nay Tamaru on 5 years ago

Try rock candy (loose not stick) since we couldn't find red, we took the pink ones and colored them with the spray food coloring. Then we let them dry out :)

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#5 meenergy on 2 years ago

Hi There,

Are you from Tampa? If yes, do get back to me. I know how to make the philosophers stone. I dont want to do it alone and if you are interested we can do it together. Need to buy few apparatus to get it done the alchemical way. Do get back..