AnimeFEST 2013 : Photos/Con Reports/Videos Thread

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#1 NiGHTmaren on 5 years ago

This thread is for posting any convention reports, photo galleries and video coverage from AnimeFEST 2013!

Please note there is a separate thread for requesting photos people took of YOU at the convention, if you have any inquiries related to that, please be sure to post in the other thread, located here:



#2 Demiourgos on 5 years ago

Here is a link to our Facebook page with a gallery of the Sailor Moon Photoshoot~!


#3 Demiourgos on 5 years ago

Here is a link to our FB page that has pics from the Sailor Moon photo shoot on Sat.~!


#4 PuyoDa on 5 years ago

My photos from Fri, Sat, and Sun:

#5 Darth Sunshine on 5 years ago

Here are the photos I took:

[URL=""]The Legend of Zelda Photoshoot[/URL]

[URL=""]A handful of hallway shots.[/URL]

#6 Demiourgos on 5 years ago

Here are the photo's from Sat Sailor Moon Shoot


#7 Overbeck on 5 years ago

Here are the photos I took at AnimeFest 2013 on fb. Feel free to tag anyone you know.

Friday photos- [url][/url]

Saturday photos- [url][/url]

Sunday photos- [url][/url]

Final Fantasy IV Group Photos Sunday- [url][/url]

#8 jeagernomie on 5 years ago


#9 Demiourgos on 5 years ago

I thought it wasn't posting...sorry for the 3 extra posts DX

#10 Red Destiny on 5 years ago

Here's a few pics from my friend in Sayuri Photography;

Here's photos of the DC photoshoot from Sunday, by Albino Llama Studios;

More pics from my friend Ash;

#11 Seroth on 5 years ago

If you took a picture with my alpaca, you'll probably find yourself here:


#12 Starlit Rose on 5 years ago

Mostly of my friends, but I got a few photos of others too. If you see yourself or someone you know, please tag! :)

#13 tifaia on 5 years ago

CosPod stuff is done, for the most part.

Facebook photos: [url][/url]

Full photo gallery: [url][/url]

Videos: [url][/url]

Con report to be posted at [url][/url]

#14 Speed Grapher on 5 years ago

I've posted a couple pictures to my facebook page from AnimeFest. [url][/url]

More on my website.

#15 Raizuto on 5 years ago

My photos from AnimeFEST 2013:

[URL=""]Raizuto Creations - AnimeFEST 2013 Photo Gallery[/URL]