Jade Harley/Marceline Abadeer wig help!

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#1 emmelikesyou on 5 years ago

I'm looking for a wig that I'm hoping can work as both a Jade Harley (homestuck) and Marceline Abadeer (adventure time). Obviously the wig wouldnt be quite as long as a Marceline Wig should be, but I don't have any big plans for either of these cosplays right now so it doesn't have to be perfect. Here's the 2 I'm going between:



If you have any more suggestions, please add them, but keep in mind that I'm hoping not to spend much more than $20

#2 PSY-chan on 5 years ago

The thing about eBay wigs is what you see in photos is not always what you'll get. Those eBay wigs tend to be quite thin. There are some better eBay stores, and reviews on this site, but those wigs will cost you closer to $30-40. The last option is to find a second-hand wig in the Marketplace. You might be able to find a high quality wig for a lot less money. I'm trying to get rid of [U][URL="http://www.amphigory.com/wigs_enchantment.html"]this Enchantment wig[/URL][/U] for $25 (mine is natural black). Best of luck!