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#1 tarinalove on 9 years ago

This is a list of all the tutorials out there located in one spot. :}
As well as best places to commission and such.


[URL=""]How to make a Sailor Moon costume (SM snippits)[/URL]

Full Tutorial by [URL=""]SparklePipsi[/URL]

[URL=""]How to make a Sailor Senshi Costume! Via:[/URL]

[URL=""]Hip Rolls by Ranma 1-2:[/URL]

Bow Tutorial:[/B]


[URL=""](God Save the Queen Fashions)[/URL]

Extra bow information[/URL]
[URL=""]Super Sailor Moon Bows or Princess bows[/URL][/B]

[URL=""]Video bow tutorial[/URL]

Sailor Collar:
Please see other pages for copies of lynleigh's patterns.

[URL=""]Sailor Collar classic pattern[/URL] Linked by Sui-Kune

[URL=""]GSTQF Sailor collar[/URL]

Boot Covers/Shoe Painting:

[URL=""]non-stretch boot cover intro[/URL]

[URL=""]Regular boot cover topper[/URL]

[URL=""]Inverted V boot cover (As seen on normal Sailor Moon-Supers)[/URL]
[URL=""]V Boot cover toppers (Eternal)[/URL]

[URL=""]Breast Plate[/URL]

Shoe Painting (tip, mix fabric and acrylic paint together to make it less likely to chip):
[URL=""]Cosplay tutorial[/URL]
[URL=""]deviantArt shoe painting[/URL]
[URL=""]deviantArt shoe painting 2[/URL]

Tiara Tutorial:
[URL=""]Youtube video[/URL]
[URL=""]deviantArt tutorial for Scout tiara by warumono382[/URL]
[URL=""]Tiara beaded (like for Neo Queen Serenity)[/URL]
[URL=""]Tiara by cutoutandkeep[/URL]

Leotard Pattern:
[URL=""]517 Crystal Lake Skating Outfit - Women[/URL]

There is also the Butterick pattern, but that one is much harder to find and I believe it is out of order.

[URL=",_Activewear&QL=MissLeotards"]KwikSew Pattern (From Narnian)[/URL]

[URL=""]Make your own Leotard tutorial[/URL]

Wigs/Hair tutorial:
[URL=""]Usagi buns (natural w/ hair extensions)[/URL]
Usagi/Sailor Moon/Bunny wig:
[URL=""]Charmedseed wig tutorial:[/URL]
[URL=""]Chibiusa/Rini Wig Tutorial[/URL]

Stubbing Tutorial[/URL]
[URL=""]Parting Wig hair[/URL]
[URL=""]Making Wefts[/URL]

Fluffy Bangs (As seen on Chibiusa, Bunny, Mina, Lita)[/URL]
[URL=""]Curly Wig[/URL]

[URL=""]Using Your own hair video tutorial[/URL]

Hair/Earring Accessories:
Hair feathers/pearls:
[URL=""]Video 1[/URL]
[URL=""]Video 2[/URL]
[URL=""]Sailor Moon Earrings (look at comment)[/URL]

[URL=""]Prop Tutorial Help Line (LJ)[/URL]
[URL=""]Prop Tutorial Help 2[/URL]

Brooches-Gem-Anything requiring a shiny gem:
[URL=""]How to make an Opal-deviantart[/URL]

[URL=""]Ideas from an old cosplayer post[/URL]

[URL=""]Youtube video (not sure of the quality) [/URL]

[URL=""]Tutorial for Venus henshin wand[/URL]

[URL=""]Studio mallory-Crescent moon wand[/URL]

[URL=""]Studio mallory's youtube channel[/URL]

Places to Buy From (and Commissioners):

Ebay (look here for Moon, Chibi moon, odd colored shoes)
Payless (Sometimes you get lucky, look here for Mars, Uranus!)
Forever 21 (look here for boots, odd styles)
[URL=""]Catzia [/URL]
Target (for flats-slip on sneakers)

[URL=""]Ayanamisatoru-ebay pg. 1[/URL]

[URL="[/"]Ayanamisatoru-ebay main page[/URL]

Local coscom cosplayer: Akane: [URL=""]Black Moon Cosplay[/URL]
[URL=""]Black Moon Cosplay-Marketplace[/URL]

[URL=""]MyWendy Designs-wigs[/URL]

[URL=""]Tsukikage Pro Wigs[/URL]


[URL=""]Wigs-Hair God Save the Queen Fashions[/URL]

Accessories (Tiara, brooch, hair shields/gems-etc):[/B]
[URL=""]Southern Moon Creations[/URL]

[URL=""]Catzia Tiara's[/URL]
[URL=""]Catzia Homepage[/URL]

[URL=""]Sailor Moon SMCosplay[/URL]
[URL=""]SMCOSPLAY ETSY (moon justice)[/URL]


[URL=""]Moon Prism[/URL]

AkaneSatome:[URL=""]Black Moon Cosplay-AkaneSatome[/URL]
GSTQF: [URL=""]God Save the Queen Fashions[/URL]

&&Commissioner Review Thread;

Lynleigh's site has sadly been removed from the internet, but luckily other's have saved the files and posted them. :) Maybe other Moonies can make more patterns and post in the future!

Another Leotard: [url][/url]

If you have any concerns, be sure to post them here! ;D The All-Purpose thread is also useful for everything and no question is too small or to big!

People to not commission:
Moonjustice (Quentin) he has recently been avoiding sending products out, blocking people on facebook (who he owes merchandise to) and ignoring claims.

#2 x-Steffi-x on 9 years ago

Wow, great thread, thanks for the info! :D

#3 ladyxzeus on 9 years ago


#4 RoseHanabira on 9 years ago

Great work tarina, what an amazing thread!

#5 tarinalove on 9 years ago


Queen Serenity:

Princess Serenity-

Neo Queen Serenity

Mini Moon:

Please Refer here for artbook reference images:
^Covers, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto

^Covers Venus, Small Lady and The Cats as human form


King Endymion
Prince Endymion
Tuxedo Mask


Prince Diamond:

I will post another post with how to's on the males and princesses if anyone has links on how to make them.

#6 EriBear18 on 9 years ago

Good job!

#7 RoseHanabira on 9 years ago

I recently went digging for this post, it might be worthwhile to put include in the thread! It holds a tutorial for Super Sailor Moon's ultra-long and flowy back bows, as well as a link to a different thread with a HUGE amount of tutorials for a lot of the props!


#8 sakura_petals on 9 years ago

This site has heaps of tutorials:


#9 RoseHanabira on 9 years ago

I just noticed that MoonPrism wasn't in the list. She sells jewelery and other accessories, as well as props and staffs and other stuff, for all of the scouts.


#10 tarinalove on 9 years ago

added new information. :}

Updated the first post with clickable links! (Looks neater this way)

#11 tarinalove on 9 years ago

Anyone have any useful princess tutorials? I'm gonna make ANOTHER GIANT post with the formal wear. :}

#12 RoseHanabira on 9 years ago

:O tarina, you are a godsend. If you need any help digging through the 400 page thread for stuff I'd be more than happy to help (I have a minor obsession with doing things like that... seriously...).

#13 tarinalove on 9 years ago

Alright Rose! I am busy with costuming for the next 2 weeks and trying to get a little girl prepared to perform (unreliable urghhh) and my con is 15-16 days away! So I may be less likely to update, but I do want to add a section for fabrics, materials, and other useful things

#14 RoseHanabira on 9 years ago

Awesome! Admittedly I don't have much in the way of resources other than the scans of the dresses, but I'll comb my way through the thread over the next couple of weeks and compile a list.

#15 RoseHanabira on 9 years ago

Double-post, I know, please forgive me.

I found a pretty extensive Sailor Moon tutorial page while I was digging through the huge thread for formal wear stuff. I just skimmed it, it might be of use to somebody: [url][/url]

(By the way, I'm at page 46 of the mega-thread searching for formal wear. I'm compiling a list not only of interesting fabric findings, but also reference pictures as well. There wasn't a lot of discussion about it in the earlier part of the thread, it seems...)