DTAC will honour Con No Baka Admissions (details inside)

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#1 Kaijugal on 13 years ago

#2 Otaking97 on 13 years ago

That rules. DTAC just went up HUGE in my books! Yipee!!

#3 Wing_Goddess on 13 years ago

i never got a Con no Baka ticket because i was planning to go on the Sunday and i was told that it ended around 6pm on Saturday night when my friend and i arrived. Though i have to say that what DTAC is doing by accepting Con no Baka badges is very nice. i wouldn't have even expected it. even though i don't have a ticket, i gotta say thanks anyway ^___^ That's so nice!!!♥♥♥

#4 DiGi_Rin on 13 years ago

Are they accepting free admission for weekend passes too?

#5 Chibik3r0 on 13 years ago

#6 Otaking97 on 13 years ago

I'm not so sure about panelist/dealer badges myself. But likely. Either way if Dawn doesn't post back I'd bring it and $10 anyway just incase.

#7 minion-chan on 13 years ago

saweet! Now I'll definately be going to D-TAC, I didn't feel like dropping 10 bux on it, but if its free, I'm all for it.

#8 IWantYouItachi on 13 years ago

Thats a pretty spiffy deal.

Not trying to be greedy or anything, but what about "Con No Baka Bucks"? I mean... I've got fake money and no way to spend it! lol.

#9 KazeChan on 13 years ago

so, do you mean that the Saturday tickets work for this? or... (saturday meaning from con no baka of course)

(I'm just a little confused ^^; )

#10 TheWestWind on 13 years ago

Wow, that is really cool! I lurve you guys!

#11 heki-chan on 13 years ago


#12 Jo_Canadian on 13 years ago

does this include the vollenteers who took it up the flashpipe because of this con?

#13 KazeChan on 13 years ago

XD okay well I can't go..I have no ride so ya <3 have fun all.

#14 Natty Dread on 13 years ago

[QUOTE=Jo_Canadian]does this include the vollenteers who took it up the flashpipe because of this con?[/QUOTE]
yes, my boyfriend, myself and a friend of ours had to do some unreasonable shifts, and we were on the security. are we elligable for this as well?

#15 TMoffatt on 13 years ago

Wow, that is an amazing move by Hobbystar. I'm really glad that somebody made that decision. Hobbystar has definitely risen a helluva lot in my eyes as a result.

I raise a toast to you.

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