automail on the cheap (tutorial)

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#31 usakou on 11 years ago

cool ;] I'll try make something like that!!^^

#32 CiralFox on 11 years ago

I will so try this out over my winterbreak so that I can be Ed in the upcoming summer.
This'll be fun and easy. xD

#33 edward_pixie on 10 years ago

I'm making mine out of a combination of materials, a paper base/pattern. then HARD cardboard for the grill and transmutated grill. plastic plates for the shoulder plates, and then I'm putting paper mache over all of it and covering it with a shiny cover
it's the least bulky possible, and has a lot of mobility

oh and I'm using the leg from a pair of black tights to go on my arm because it's skin tight

#34 edward_pixie on 10 years ago

oh and I'll post a pic of it when it's done, along with the Automail leg :D

#35 talkenia on 10 years ago

i am making it as well i finished all exept the hand, i made some little changes which i thought would be closer to the original, i showed it to my friends and they were all like O.O
for me the costs were like zero because we had everything at home, the only thing is that i completely used up all glue and now we have to buy a new one... XD
also for painting i used black and white acrilic mixed with some silver to give it some shine, i do not like the idea of walking around with a super shining arm due to metallic spray paint..

#36 RollEXE on 10 years ago

Featherweight, you are a god with cardboard!

#37 talkenia on 10 years ago

yay i am almost finished, i only need to do the fingers...
i will post some pictures soon..

#38 air4akito on 10 years ago

Does anyone have tips on how to harden and seal the cardboard without the use of fiberglass or resin? I just want to know if there is a safer and/or easier way before I potentially destroy/warp my shape.

#39 yanyan110088 on 10 years ago

wow... cutty things. xD I think I saw the picture of this.. my friend was all "and that's CARDBOARD!" and now I see it on the forums... :) I agree with the chrome-paint instead of gray.

Either way, wonderful job. :P

#40 jonrocks4 on 9 years ago

u save me i i was about to get one for $50 but then i found this oh thx alot

#41 Roxas666 on 9 years ago

i got bored one night so i made an automail arm out of fun foam i had laying round my room...used a mix of white glue and a bit of warm water to seal it up a bit, painted it with bout 3 layers of silver paint, and attached it all to an under armor shirt i had
that's the link to the fit nicely under a form fitting jacket, and had almost full flexibility, like, i couldn't raise my arm straight above my head...

#42 Gypsyangelf4i on 9 years ago

That looks awesome Roxas666!

#43 kizzykurbstomp on 8 years ago

this helps me [:

#44 Ixora140 on 8 years ago

awesome !!!!!!!! thank you so much ^^~

#45 air4akito on 8 years ago

@featherweight - Just wanna thank you for this tutorial; it's been a great help as I assemble my automail for Otakon. ><;; [IMG][/IMG]I used craft foam instead since I am not a cardboard god haha. Anyway, thank you. :)