automail on the cheap (tutorial)

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#16 squidbutt on 13 years ago

greatley done but i really cant read the directions maybe u could take pics and type it?

#17 XiggyRox on 13 years ago

I would reccomend using cheap aluminum spraypaint from Dollar General, I mean, if you have a Dollar General in Canada.

Oh yeah YOU ARE THE CARDBOARD GOD!!!!!! *bows*

#18 KatieElric-Chan on 12 years ago

do you think that after i made this,i could put chrome spray paint on it instead?
would the cardboard hold it?
just because i kind of want a shiny chrome metal effect? are a god of cosplay.
xoxo katie.

#19 winwood on 12 years ago

automail for about six quid with the chrome effect? brillant! this tutorial will be ace for ed cosplayers who are pretty skint, me and my nephew will probably try the basics of this out on a rainy day.

thanks alot :toothy:

#20 Shara-chan on 12 years ago

I just love you right now. I've been wanting to do an Ed cosplay ever since I saw the series, but told myself I can't do it unless I at least have an automail arm. Now...I have an excuse. ^_^ Thank you for the very helpful tutorial!

#21 Toukakugeki on 12 years ago

Hey, Here's how my Automail looks using your Tutorial, it's not finished yet, but this is my frist time doing something like this (just gotta paint it ^_^) oh yeah im only a kid aswell >.<


#22 Toukakugeki on 12 years ago

Well, heres the FINISHED version painted take a look and comment on it ^^


#23 Blackcrane on 12 years ago

I've never painted cardboard before, but would you need to apply something to it first to prevent the cardboard from going soggy when you paint it?
Or is spray paint so thinly layered that it's not wet enough to affect the cardboard.

Awesome tutorials! My friends and I plan to make bleach sword out of your tutorials for our first cosplay!

#24 meowl on 12 years ago

[QUOTE=LegacyOfMadara;2461615]Cardboard surprisingly doesn't get soggy., at least, I've never had it get soggy.[/QUOTE]

Oh, it get's soggy all right!. At Comic-Con 2 years ago the humidity and heat damaged our cardboard Alphonse armor. The cardboard started to fall apart.


In this shot you see the brown cardboard peeling away from the forearm. Just the perfect effect for an interview with a japanese TV crew.

We made new parts from craft foam.

BTW, I recommend sealing the cardboard with a few applications of watered-down glue before using spray paint. Un-sealed cardboard can just soak up the paint. Seal correctly and you end up using less paint.

#25 AspecialBUCKET on 11 years ago

I must say, this is inspiring! As a fellow costumer with no monies, I tend to also find cheap ways to make stuff. You did a fantastic job! It looks even better than it's more expensive counter-parts. I like the comment about the sock, too. XD

#26 NinjaNana707 on 11 years ago

its a great tutorial but i can understand it =[

#27 FelixNeko7 on 11 years ago

YEEEEEESSS!!!! finally how to make that dang robot arm!! THANK YOU!!!

#28 Smal_But_Mighty on 11 years ago

Automail is my summer project so any help I can get is greatly appreciated :crylaugh:
I'm debating on what material to use for it but your patterns are a great inspiration.

<3<3<3<3<3<3 Cutty things :) lol awesome <3 <3 <3

#29 GoddesSilverRos on 11 years ago

I am going to do this also but besides card bord I am going to go fome core with the sheating over it so it can last longer but this is a great start for me thank you for posting it! I am so happy in seeing this once it is done I will show it off :D

#30 KevinOR on 11 years ago

A lot of this seems cramped in together and hard to read. Is there a possibility of it being typed out with some clearer drawings? This is an AMAZING tutorial, and I intend to try it out.