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#16 Sakurai_Atsushi on 11 years ago

This is a handy tutorial =D

And wow, and extra muscle cracks the enamel o.o?

I never used to be paranoid [I had great teeth when I was younger], but then, out of nowhere, they're just weird now. I got a bunch of cavities easily, my gums seems to move a bit, so it makes my teeth feel like they move, but they don't [they aren't loose..I check them alot..]

On top of this, my mouth just feels more...shifted, I guess, since I had my wisdom teeth removed.

As for enamel, I only have one tooth with enamel that's shaved off. But that's my fault. I fell off my bike and my tooth went through my upper lip [not sure how, but there's a scar, and the tooth is still firmly there, but the enamel is shaved off...]

Wow.. sorry to get off topic.

Anyways. I love wax bottles, I think my parents mentioned possibly ordering a bag from Oriental Trading Post [it's a magazine..] So I'll try it then. If nothing else, I can use it for some Ouran Halloween cosplay. I think the cape that most of the characters used for that episode is the same as another cosplay I wanna do, so that's great =D

#17 Spartalord66 on 11 years ago

#18 FMABloodSeal on 11 years ago

Ummm we don't have a holiday gas station around us. .-. What do we do?

#19 Aka-x on 11 years ago

Haha, awesome!
for those of you with no holiday gas station I suggest
buying a bag of these suckers at orential trading company.
They have a ton of crap.


Have fun!
and don't forget to buy some fang glue at party city or any party store near you!

Ah, not to mention if you are just plain lazy and can't figure this out you can always buy party citys wax fangs too.
I think they are around twenty bucks.

#20 kitsune shojo on 11 years ago

If you live near a Cracker Barrel, they carry them. Also the Hobby Lobby near my house carries them. (oddly enough. o_0)

I don't have canines, but I've had braces so I've got teeth in that space. XD

#21 EmpressAkina on 11 years ago

Omg!!!!! Thanks For This!

#22 Aesceus on 11 years ago

How do you put the fangs on if you have braces? The Bracket will be in my way, or would braces and fangs be a lost cause?

#23 AC_Mecoiy on 10 years ago

Would this method work if you want to have a full row of fangs?

#24 Tania_Mwpp on 10 years ago

If you have braces try this, fit the wax fang over the entire tooth, bracket wire and all (if you have wrench-lock braces this wont work) then press firmly on the bracket and wire to push/cut the wax around them so that you can see the braces. then use a toothpick (or if you have nimble fingers) and push the wax under the wire on either side of the bracket to join it to the 'bottom' of the fang. then using the toothpick poke and cut the 'top' of the fang from the top of the bracket to the end of the fang (upwards) so that you can remove it by pinching the bottom of the fang and jimmying it off around the bracket.

hope that made sense. I think I may have oddly shaped canine teeth so if this doesn't work I'm sorry, you may want to try making the fang really short at the front but longer at the back so it will sit just under the bracket.

#25 Saru-chan on 10 years ago

Thanks for this tutorial! I'm trying to be Joushima Ken from Hitman Reborn, and I'm worried that store bought vampire fangs won't look the way I want. I want them to be cat or dog like, not exactly a vampire.

Thanks again! I'm gunna check CVS while I'm their looking for ACE bandages. I know they have them at a candy shop in old town though.

EDIT! They had them at CVS for 99 cents! Woo! The trouble I have is getting them shaped right, and then making them the same shape. ANd if you leave a little bit of wax on the back of the fang to hold it up, I have very little trouble keeping them in.

I also have to resist the urge to chew on the bottle after I drink it. The wax is just so fun to chew! Better than gum. xD

Also, couldn't you use dental wax? Like the ones they give you at the orthodontist? My friend made claws out fo that stuff.

#26 City-Dreamer on 10 years ago

Hehehe. This is so great! The only problem would be how the heck they would keep their shape. T__T

#27 KarmaxCore on 10 years ago

this is a very good idea. I wonder if it would work with making like, a set of pointed teeth for characters like Soul and Grell?

#28 Paralife on 9 years ago

Lol, can I make full shark teeth with these?
Can I also wear these over braces? <- I wonder if shark people have braces any ways o_o

#29 Lulexiaa on 9 years ago

it looks painful.. o_o

#30 haaku1234 on 9 years ago

You're a genuis. o_o Why have I not heard of this method before?