One Piece 09

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#1 Ahja Reyn on 10 years ago

I remember talking to a few people about how awesome it would be to form a HUGE One Piece group for Anime Vegas (or just for Vegas in general) seeing as how the only OP cosplayers we really have are our local Sanji....and last year's Luffy.

I know that this year I'll be there as Boa Hancock and that there will probably be an Arlong...and I'm almost sure we can count on our Sanji. XD

Anyone else looking to join?

The List
Boa Hancock - Ahja Reyn
Arlong - [?]
Luffy (unlimited adventure) - Christycard
Sanji - [?]
Mihawk - [?]
Shanks - [?]
Doflamingo - [?]

#2 Christycard on 10 years ago

I hope to be bringing Unlimited Adventure Luffy! Yay!

#3 Ahja Reyn on 10 years ago

Hooray! *^o^*

#4 sicdedman on 10 years ago

What time of year does (Anime Vegas) Start? & How many days is it? i would like to go this year!!! & Join you all, for the One Piece Group!

#5 Christycard on 10 years ago

Anime Vegas is 3 days, usually over Labor Day weekend, so Sat, Sun and Mon. It's not a HUGE con, but it is SUPER! (As Franky would say.)

#6 Ahja Reyn on 10 years ago

OW! SUPAH! *does the Franky pose*

As Christycard said, its normally on Labor Day weekend, which is the first weekend of September. The dates and locations still have yet to be officially announced this year...but you can check out the website for updates and stuff:


#7 Christycard on 10 years ago

I tried cornering Rich about it at ALA, but he wouldn't let anything slip as nothing was official yet.

If I can, I'm going to try for more than one One Piece cosplay, but for now I'm sticking with UA Luffy. Maybe Luffy with all the flowers and frills on his vest...:crylaugh:

Or maybe I'll try to add his cool Pirate King coat!

#8 Ahja Reyn on 9 years ago

LOL! I'm hoping I'll get to see a frilly Luffy somewhere this year XD

#9 Christycard on 9 years ago

OOooo, don't tempt me...

I wonder what colors they are...

#10 Ahja Reyn on 9 years ago


Maybe pink. and some yellow. and blue. *nods*

#11 Ahja Reyn on 9 years ago

Woot! The dates have just been released at the website! Anime Vegas will be held Sept. 5-7

#12 Christycard on 9 years ago

No location yet. Weird.

#13 Ahja Reyn on 9 years ago

Yeah. I'm sure one will be up soon, though.

#14 Christycard on 9 years ago

Pre-reg is kind of up for AV! $40 through March 31, $50 April 1st and later. I think I'm going to try to get mine in next week!

#15 Thowra on 9 years ago

Can't wait to see your outfits. I love anime Vegas. I'm glad its not to big.