Is this con for me?

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#1 Avatar Alvaang on 8 years ago

I have no interest in yaoi or hentai no offense to those who do but im wondering if i should still attend this con. I like the fact that there is a con directed towards an older audience and a good amount of ppl i know and friends go. Plus its less than 10 min away from my house. Im just not sure if this is the con for me. Any feedback and info is greatly appreciated! :-)

#2 lexy-chan on 8 years ago

Honestly, if you REALLY want to go to a con, I would see no harm in a one day pass. I'm honestly not a HUGE yaoi fangirl, but I go for the general crowd and to hang with friends. You're not indoctrinated into yaoi by going nor is it forced down your throat. You might pass one or two seductive photoshoots, but by no means are people going to shun you or hit you in the face with it. Yeah, there's the super rare "OMG MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS STANDING NEXT TO EACH OTHER MAKE-OUT NOW" but for the most part it's tame. I was almost disappointed in the anti-climatic response I got from going my first time last year (and the closest I saw to yaoi were the doujins in the dealer's hall...).

BASICALLY (lol), maybe go Friday and feel things out, and if you enjoy it, get a weekend pass at the con. I'm with you--I live 20 minutes away and if my friends are going, I might as well go too for a good time, haha. Hope this helps! :]

#3 Avatar Alvaang on 8 years ago

@lexi im just wondering if its worth getting the badge and thanks ur review was a big help! I couldnt find prices for day badges guessing its around 30 dollars? Glad to know others r on the same boat as me haha

#4 lexy-chan on 8 years ago

Well, I think the only thing I used a badge for was going to the dealer's hall, artist alley, and panels, so if you just want to go hang out with friends and not do anything else...I don't think you need one? (you didn't hear this from me...) I'm fairly sure they do day passes though at con because my friend was able to get one last year since she only went Saturday. And yeah, no sweat! :]

#5 junkeemunky on 8 years ago

You do live pretty close so that's convenient, but if you don't really like yaoi, why go to a con where all the attendees have an interest in it? You may have fun hanging out, but you're less likely to find anything that will entertain you for very long, and your friends are going to want to do con-related things. There are always other cons (like Sac Anime or Fanime) that cater to 18+ during later hours, if you're just looking for an older crowd. But again, it is a convenient distance, so you may have fun just swinging by one day and seeing how it is!

#6 belligerent on 8 years ago

Since the con's at a hotel, you don't really need a badge just to hang out with people. If you want to go into the gaming rooms or dance or something, yeah, but not just to hang out. I went last year and it's a really relaxed atmosphere with mature people. My brother (who is also not interested in yaoi but lives in the area) stopped by last year. It was apparently a lot tamer than he was expecting.

#7 Avatar Alvaang on 8 years ago

Thanks guys! Gonna go check it out fri w/o badge and see if i would want to get a single day for saturday

#8 Foxberry on 8 years ago

My boyfriend does not like yaoi however he loves this convention. The atmosphere is great and the overal mature feeling of the convention makes it ten times better. I'd have to disagree with those who said "Why go to a con that's about yaoi if you don't like it"? It's simple, after going to so many conventions with unrule-y children; this convention feels wonderful. You can't escape Fanime or Sac Anime without having children running around screaming. (Sac Anime especially. I was very angry with Sac Anime this year because of it's immature attendees and the fact I was tackled twice.) I enjoy going to yaoi-con because it's laid back and fun.

However; if you are going and you don't intend on going to bingo or the bishounen auction I would not bother with a badge. While my boyfriend and I have gotten badges the previous years because we like the auction (it's really a trip to watch), we have decided not to get badges this year because we were a bit disappointed with last year's yaoi-con. The main reason to get the badge is for panels, artist alley and dealer's hall- to which are all mainly yaoi-focused things.

If you go on Friday; don't expect too much cosplay. Saturday is the main cosplay day.

#9 Avatar Alvaang on 8 years ago

Awesome im going for sure on saturday and not buying a badge. After sac anime i realized that for some cons, badges arent required to enjoy the con.

#10 P-Air on 8 years ago

I myself was thinking about going to because I have never been. I will probably just go to go with friends and to get away from home lol. I will probably just go and not by a badge just like Alvaang, so I will see you guys there. I will treat this just any other convention.

#11 Foxberry on 8 years ago

Avla; ;) I'm going to find that out myself. I spent money the past two yaoi-cons and it was the badge-required stuff that made my con to be honest. So I'll see if I have just as much fun without one.

#12 Darkdreamyr on 8 years ago

I buy a badge for this con every year primarily for the panels. Always plenty to occupy my day with them, and they're always good. There's a mad-libs panel every year that's absolutely hilarious and so wrong in many ways. ^^ I've never gone to the Bishonen Auction (too crowded and not my thing), rarely ever to the AMV's or Masquerade just due to trouble getting a seat where you can actually SEE something.

While there were problems last year, alot of it had to do with the hotel. (Other than the Bishie Brunch) Hopefully this new one will be better for the con.

#13 RoseLuka on 8 years ago

I'd go. I'm not the biggest Yaoi fan either but I've been wanting to go to it since I was 17. So in my opinion go and enjoy yourself for the cosplay aspect of it all. Plus there are some kick ass cosplayers there. Hope this helped ya. Oh I've never been so everything I've heard is from word of mouth and pictures from my friends.

#14 Petite <3 on 8 years ago

It's really an opportunity to cosplay and enjoy the atmosphere in my opinion, if you have nothing else going on that weekend and are so close, why not check it out and see if it's for you or not? There's no harm in trying anything once.