Announcement: AM2 Preregistration Contest - Miyavi, Dir En Grey, Disney tickets

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#1 ElCapitan on 7 years ago

#2 LelouchYamazaki on 7 years ago

this pretty much just gives an incentive for anyone who went last year and planned on going this year with chances to win free tickets.

If your on the rope might be iffy, but id laugh someone buys the ticket just for the opportunity and wins.....hell tickets for Disneyland is 100 bucks alone XD.

#3 sicdedman on 7 years ago

I am trying to Preregister for 3 day Passport for 2012 but every time i go to the website it says (Server Not Found) is the site shut down? what happened? It is the only website that does this to me for the past couple days...

i did not know where else to post this message, wonder if anyone else is able to access the site?