Patroklos Cosplay Help!

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#1 AJV on 7 years ago

Well basically I would really like to cosplay Patroklos, but I'm kinda at a loss as how to make the actual outfit since it seems kinda complicated.
I mean I think I could find a wig with a style similar to his so that isnt too much of an issue.
Buying one could be good, but I dont think cosplay shops have made his outfit yet (also never bought a cosplay before..).
Also doesn't help that I...dont know how to sew. I know how to kinda modify clothing though.
That and the fact I haven't made props before..But I suppose foam board could make a good base fot the shield.
Pictures Below!


I know there are some who have already done his cosplay before so I know it's possible.

Anyway I would deeply appreciate your advice on the matter. Thanks! :D