Puffy Leg Warmers- A Tutorial

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#1 FaithInDeidara on 11 years ago

Most leg warmer tutorials are for free hanging, triangular shaped leggings that dont have any body/volume to them. This tutorial was originally used for my Len Kagamine cosplay.

This is MY tutorial for leggings with VOLUME. AKA, puffiness! x3
Please don't steal! i worked very hard on this!!
i apologize for my handwriting!

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7:

I hope this helps!

#2 Kanomi on 11 years ago

:O This is great help! Your handwriting is a bit hard to read, but I can make it out enough to understand it. I'll keep this topic in mind if I have free time to remake my warmers~

#3 MegumiHime on 11 years ago

I would recommend showing examples along with typing the tutorial out into one gif and don't hand write it. Not everyone can read your hand writing.

#4 FaithInDeidara on 11 years ago

i know. But i lack a camera and anything remotely close to a typing program xD

#5 Nooby Banana on 11 years ago

This is great! I've always wanted a pair of puffy legwarmers. ^_^ I agree the writing is a tad bit hard to read, but I was able to understand it.

#6 princemercury1 on 11 years ago

Maybe screen shot your typing on notepad or Microsoft word?
It will help greatly. ^_^

#7 FaithInDeidara on 11 years ago

i don't have either of those xD
believe me, if i had something like that i wouldnt have written it down. i know how bad my hand writing is.

#8 Chocokitten on 11 years ago

I dont know what these people are complaining about, i could read your writing just fine. I dont think its messy at all, i've seen WAY worse....:/

Anyway, great tutorial! I just skimmed it, but it looks great!^-^ I'll definitely be using it for my own Len (and my friend's Rin i'll be making) cosplay!

Thanks for sharing!:'D

#9 FaithInDeidara on 11 years ago

Thanks! let me know how it turns out for you!

#10 FumikoSan on 11 years ago

Good tutorial ^^ It helped me figure out something I had trouble with.

If you want I can help with the writing and make it on Photoshop =]

#11 Etrina on 10 years ago

I'd love to see some finished products!

I'll definitely keep this tutorial in mind if I ever have need for leg warmers :)

#12 mika3585 on 10 years ago

thanks alot now i just have to find how to make the skirt and jacket for amu thanks

#13 XxXxmewmewxXxX on 10 years ago

Cool, this is really helpful! And IMO your handwriting is perfectly fine.

#14 happymunchkin on 10 years ago

I just wanted to say that I just finished doing my leg warmers for Rin using your tutorial and they came out fantastic! Thanks a lot!

#15 Tyrotoxism on 10 years ago

They look good to me - I had no problem with your handwriting, I thought it was clear xD I'll most definitely be using this for my cosplay ^^

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