Tutorial: Hollow Masks

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#16 Konoha_ANBU on 12 years ago

Lovely work, I must say. Unfortunately, I have not seen premade plastic masks that fit my face.

#17 draw007 on 12 years ago

is magic mold a good type of clay to use i heard that ist the same as paper clay

#18 Sharkey on 12 years ago

[QUOTE=draw007;2350750]is magic mold a good type of clay to use i heard that ist the same as paper clay[/QUOTE]

I've worked with both and I prefer Paperclay just because it drys better and actually hardens. The Crayola Magic Clay is really good to use too, but it always feels a little soft to the touch, and for my stuff I was needing hardened material, but I have some Nell helmet masks that came out wonderfully using magic clay.

The Paperclay is a bit better if there are gonna be possible bumps or what not and it is really easy to use. When ever it starts to dry and you still need to mold it just wet your fingers and massage it and it is like puddy again as you mold it. Also, it dries rather quick, can be sanded and shaving/cutting it is pretty easy. If you are gonna paint it though, I recommend some Gesso to hold the paint.

Btw, Thanks Tallus for the superb guide. I had to alter it a little, but my mask turned out great. Thanks for all the help.

#19 Bulma on 12 years ago

Thanks so much for the tutorial!
I made my Hiyori's Hollow mask with other materials, but the fake nails tip for the tooth really helped me.

#20 Jamerson on 12 years ago

WOW! Making a mask seemed like a daunting task, but this tutorial really changed that! I just need some reference shots and I'll be ready to make Kensei's mask XP

#21 Underhill on 12 years ago


#22 Anima-Mort on 12 years ago

[FONT="Verdana"]You, my friend, are Jesus reincarnate.


I'm working on a bit character with crazy awesome hair, Menoly, and I was totally stumped on her eye-mask dohicky.
I actually didn't use fake nails (Which probably would have looked better, but I spaced and forgot them), but I got by just as well.

I love you?[/FONT]

#23 buellblastin on 11 years ago

Is a mask made this way fairly light? I'm fixing to try and make my first mask and this has been the most helpful info I've found anywhere.

#24 Sharkey on 11 years ago

Yea, it is pretty light. It all depends on how thick of a mask you need to make. The Ichigo's Hollow mask that i made was about half an inch thick or so and didn't weigh very much at all (too much for any tape to hold it up, but not heavy). I'd guess that my mask weighs about half a pound or so.

#25 Shuuhei Hisagi on 11 years ago

i must say that this is a hard mask to make 've been working on mine in stages, and kinda gave up on the voice changer idea

#26 SamHar on 11 years ago

This helped a lot. I really had no idea on how to go about the teeth for my costume! But, now I'm half way finished.

I'm happy c:

#27 azael113 on 11 years ago

double post =x

#28 azael113 on 11 years ago

My friend and I used this tutorial to make our Vizard masks. Here is a picture of us 2 with Hollow Ichigo at Anime-Expo 2008.
We did a few things different, used different clay, and mixed it into white paint before shaping onto a standard plastic masquerade mask as a base. To hold them on we used the head harness from those mining forehead flashlights. Worked well, breathed well despite not having any air holes, adequate air came from around the mask since there was a bit of space between my face and the mask.


And the masks:



#29 Xajannoth on 11 years ago

Thanks a load for posting this. I've been looking for how to go about taking on my Hirako Hollow mask. Although I may still look into using this method in order to produce a mold for resin casting, at least I know where to start now.

#30 Natsu Haru Ryuu on 11 years ago

WoW! Using the fake nails as teeth. This is the creativity that cosplay is about.:bigtu:

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