Pleated Circle Skirt?

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#1 NeonPoptarts on 6 years ago

Okay, so I'm making this skirt [URL=""]x[/URL] as a PLEATED CIRCLE SKIRT. I've had bad run-ins with rectangle skirts in the past so I'm trying the circle method. I'm making a few modifications with this skirt though: 1, it will be up to my waist and not wherever high it goes up to, 2, I will be making one inch knife pleats all around since I don't have time to get it sunburst pleated.

I was just wondering how much bigger I would need to make a circle skirt to allow for the pleats and I did all the measuring just please help me with math ;A;
[*]Waist w/ ease: 27in
[*]Waist radius: 4 1/3in
[*]Desired Length: 25in
[*]Ratio pleats to fabric needed: 3in for every 11in (yeah this was a dumb ratio i dunno)
edit: now that i look at the picture....they look like box pleats.... hm.

#2 MalteseLizzie on 6 years ago

[url][/url] Maybe this will come in useful?

#3 Aztrokat on 6 years ago


Waist of 27 x 3 inches required for one inch pleats equals 81" waist width. Divide by 3.14 to get diameter of waist circle, 25.8. Add double skirt length to get diameter of outer hem circle, 75.8.

Multiply diameter of hem circle by 3.14 to get a circumference of 238˝.

Divide by 27 (number of pleats) equals 8.8" of fabric per pleat. Divide by 3 (pleat ratio) to get a pleat width at the bottom of the skirt of 2.9 inches wide.

I went through 3 iterations of math to make that work. If anyone could confirm or deny that that math makes a pleated circle skirt that would be very helpful. Also, none of that math includes extra seam/hem allowances, if they weren't included in original measurements.

I still don't see how to do straight box pleats on a circle skirt without sunbursting it a bit, but maybe someone else has a better answer.

#4 NeonPoptarts on 6 years ago

@MalteseLizzie: I've seen that floating around and the method is good, but the person just seemed to.. do it... xP Like without explaining circle skirts and things.

@Aztrokat: WOW THAT IS A LOT OF MATH and omigosh sorry i did add allowance and ease stuff sorry its late >.> But yours make sense! I'll probably go with it and see what happens cause I don't trust my math one little bit. Thanks for the advice!
I ended up trying something in the meantime and ended up doing the pleat to fabric ratio equaling my waist (+ ease) over a variable. So 3/11=27/x and I got 99 in as the new waist. Then I divided by 6.28 and got the radius as 15.8 in but that doesn't seem right....

#5 Penlowe on 6 years ago

[QUOTE] PLEATED CIRCLE SKIRT. ..... I will be making one inch knife pleats all around since I don't have time to get it sunburst pleated.[/QUOTE]
These two statements conflict. You cannot make straight pleats in a circle skirt and get anything close to that look, you WILL be sunburst-ing. Also, pleating takes an inordinate amount of time, this type even more than regular straight pleats. I assume you mean faster than paying a professional to do it?

Just trying to clarify the process for you.

#6 NeonPoptarts on 6 years ago

@Penlowe: I know it won't look exactly sunbursted, so I'm going for what will look good and simple at the same time. Because I I don't have the time or money to send it to be pleated like you said.

I've also snooped around and found others who have made the costume and their method of plain pleats seemed to work swell. I dunno if they made a circle though, [URL=""]x[/URL]

#7 Penlowe on 6 years ago

I don't think she tried a circle skirt, she just did very deep pleats for a lot of volume.

#8 Noose on 6 years ago

When you did your rectangle pleated skirt, did you first buy/create a pleating board for it?

#9 maidofcosplay on 5 years ago

I am very lazy when it comes to pleated circle skirts, so I just gather them! I make them maybe three times my waist and gather it at the waist! Here's some times I did that
[URL=""]x[/URL] [URL=""]x[/URL] [URL=""]x[/URL]
Pleating can be a lot of trouble :'( Anyways, good luck on your costume!