ALA 2013: Did You Take My Picture? Thread

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#1 NiGHTmaren on 6 years ago

This thread is for requesting photos of you in costume at ALA 2013. Remember to be as descriptive as possible when making your request(s) - day you wore the costume, a short description of yourself and/or your costume, especially if you were cosplaying someone popular.

Please refer to this thread for posting photos YOU took at the convention:



#2 animenerd93 on 6 years ago

Hi guys! I was the pirate France from day 1 (in the blue corset and with the flag an hat) and the cl from 2ne1 (tribal tattoos blonde hair camo shirt and black pants!) would love some pics!

#3 Deluxe00 on 6 years ago

Did anyone take a picture of a male Marshall Lee cosplayer on Day 1?

#4 Rakusen on 6 years ago

Wondering if anyone has pictures of me. I was Judal from Magi on Friday and Saturday.

I have a nice velvety look to my outfit, so it should be easy to find if you see me.

#5 vagabond1992 on 6 years ago

if anyone has any pictures of me in my cid highwind cosplay i would appreciate them :3
i was cid highwind on day 1 and 2.

#6 meifl0wer on 6 years ago

Hello! I was dressed as the "Jesus Beam" from the video game The World Ends With You on Saturday.

I was in all white, wearing a long white wig, holding a giant staff with lots of gauze hanging from it.

[URL=""]here's a picture[/URL]

Thanks in advance!! :D

#7 Llytix on 6 years ago

I was dressed as Kuroko Tetsuya & Himari Takakura on Friday;
Saturday I was Madoka Kaname & Chie Satonaka :3

Hoping someone has some pics!

#8 W4RH0US3 on 6 years ago

I was Hunk on Friday and Saturday I was Sam Fisher

#9 Hanagumori on 6 years ago

i was commander shepard (female in dark gray armor) on Friday and i was BLU femspy on saturday!

#10 ~Shana~ on 6 years ago

Silica from Sword Art Online on Saturday only

#11 E. R. Laurell on 6 years ago

I was Momoi Satsuki on Friday and Shadow Yukiko Amagi ( Persona 4, large pink and white ball gown) on Friday evening and Saturday!

#12 uchihaamadeus on 6 years ago

Hi! I'm the Xigbar that lead the Kingdom Hearts gathering on FRIDAY! My wig was like falling off and I was loosing my voice. I was also constantly attached to a Sora cosplayer, Riku cosplayer, and Roxas cosplayer. I'd just like ONE picture of me in cosplay! I don't ahve any of Xigbar yet. :') Thanks a bunch! c:

#13 Wobniar on 6 years ago

I was Jake the Dog on Friday, and on Saturday/Sunday I was Mom from Homestuck (I was the one with the fullbody Zentai suit) and Poe Collector. I wasn't able to wear Mom for too long of a time due to my schedule but any pictures taken of me would be great :) Feel free to message me. Thanks

#14 dondake on 6 years ago

I was Mavis from Fairy Tail and Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter. Please message me if you have any pictures! Thank you! :)

#15 chireiyu on 6 years ago

I was the [URL=""]Takanashi Rikka[/URL] (Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!) cosplayer on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I was also with Dark Flame Master. Perhaps you saw me rolling around in my Heelys? (: I'd really appreciate any pictures of either myself or the Dark Flame Master I was with