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#1 Krazer on 5 years ago

Alright, so I'm aware of my size. I stand at an even six foot and weigh two hundred and sixty pounds. Recently I've been doing my best to lose some extra pounds, but I'm running short on time and need to become more realistic with my Cosplay costume. I can sew a little bit, I'm really into comic books (american), and a lot of the more common Anime/manga. Love video games. All of those are on the table. Since I'm definitely not going to look good going as... let's say Luffy, we'll try to play to my strengths and pitch characters with the same type of body shape. Here's what I currently look like:



As you can see I have some pretty beefy arms but I sport the infamous pot belly.

#2 Hallowin on 5 years ago

I dunno why, Hiyama Takao from Mirai Nikki just pop into my mind at first :)

#3 Sayoria on 5 years ago

First that came to mind surprisingly was someone I never thought of in YEARS..... or ever seen cosplayed. Younger Toguro from Yu Yu Hakusho.

#4 Ghost Stories on 5 years ago

I've seen a lot of bigger guys go as Bolin from Avatar: Legend of Korra

#5 Krazer on 5 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion guys, but my brother pitched a good idea to me and I think I'm going as 21 from Venture Brothers.


#6 Ghost Stories on 5 years ago

lol excellent decision!