RIT dye on Cosworx wig extensions

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#1 char99char on 8 years ago

I need a blue wig - I ordered a light blue Scruffy-L from Cosworx and it's more of a turquoise color. I read the FAQs on Sharpie dye and the ink dye and decided to try some RIT fabric dye I had on hand from my last project. It ended up taking really well when I used very hot water (heated in the microwave a little bit). I used fuscia RIT and ended up getting really close to the color I want! I bought a pack of extensions to play with different dye techniques and to fill in the wig if I need to. I'm going to try a package of indigo RIT next.


The RIT didn't wash out with water - I'm going to try to shampoo a sample to see if that strips the color.

(Thanks Luna for the avatar!)

#2 Mangochutney on 8 years ago

Now THAT is cool. I've used RIT and had it do nothing, and I've seen wigs cooked in RIT that were fried as a result. Your wig looks like the best possible outcome. Would you mind sharing what kind of wig fiber it is, and how long you heated the water?

#3 QuiteVile on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=Mangochutney;3399199]Now THAT is cool. I've used RIT and had it do nothing, and I've seen wigs cooked in RIT that were fried as a result. Your wig looks like the best possible outcome. Would you mind sharing what kind of wig fiber it is, and how long you heated the water?[/QUOTE]

Agreed. That looks great.

#4 char99char on 8 years ago

Thanks! The tag in the wig says "KaneKalon - modacrylic fiber". It's a cool looking wig since it has 2 different shades of fibers. The dye doesn't seem to have affected the sheen of the fibers at all or made them sticky in any way. Having the pink turn out this way was a "happy accident" as my art teacher would say!

I started with about 4 ounces of water and maybe a 1/4 teaspoon of dye in a glass custard cup. I took the hottest water out of the tap which is about 130F and did a sample. I let it sit for a few minutes it more or less just tinted the fiber. By that time the water cooled so I microwaved it for about 10 seconds and it was a quite a bit hotter than what it came out of the tap - but not anywhere near boiling. I put that sample in for about 20 minutes and got the results in the photo.

The RIT dye has directions for doing a dye bath over heat on a stove top but I think that would be too hot for a wig. When I get to where I want to try to dunk the wig itself - I think I'll mix the hottest water I can get from the tap and boiling water 50/50. I found with RIT - better to dissolve the powder in water separately and add it gradually to the dye bath if I need more. Every fabric I've done so far I've processed at least 2 or 3 times to get the color I want - going with more dye in the bath or soaking it longer each time. It's easier to add color than take away.

I'll post an update when I try something else.

#5 Blackusagi on 8 years ago

I'm gonna try this soon. I've tried the FW method without much luck and the sharpie method with better luck but its more expensive. So I'd rather plop 6 dollars down and do a bath and see show it goes. I'll post a pic as well so u can see what happens for me.

#6 char99char on 8 years ago

Update - I tried two more colors. New photo in my gallery -


This time I did check the water temperature - I heated it to 170F. The samples were dunked for 3 - 4 minutes in 1/2 teaspoon of powder in 4 ounces of water. I'm going to do the whole wig in the royal blue. It doesn't look much different than the original extensions in the photo, but it really does in person.

The big difference is the change in sheen - the fuscia sample was soaked for much longer and you can see how much luster was lost. I recommend RIT for a subtle color shift versus trying to over-dye a wig to something new.

#7 Chaosti on 8 years ago

I've always heard that fabric dyes wouldn't take to wigs because the fibers are plastic, but this has completely changed my mind :O Thanks very much for sharing! :]

#8 Dukesa on 8 years ago

This is wonderful and very helpful. I have been wanting to try dyeing wig with fabric dye but too scared I might burn up the wig. I am going to try this method with extensions first before dunking the whole wig. :)

I am wondering though, I don't have RIT brand fabric dye here in my country. So I will experiment with our local brand of fabric dye and see the results. I will share my failure and success once I am done.

#9 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 8 years ago

Dylon is also a good fabric dye if you have it, though I'm not planning to test it out any time soon.

#10 SabienStrange on 8 years ago

this looks like it could be cheaper than the FW ink thing.
i think i'll try this out on my drocell wig, since i just need a tint of color and not a full on change.
if i remember to, i'll put up my failures/triumphs here ~

#11 chloeandthehawk on 8 years ago

you're a genius.
marry me.

okay, question to those who have a good head on their shoulders- I need to dye a wig a greypurple kind of color [nailah from fire emblem, [URL="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2318/2074470701_47f0054db6.jpg?v=0"]http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2318/2074470701_47f0054db6.jpg?v=0[/URL]] , but I don't know what to mix to achieve this color for the wig. what colors should I mix in your opinion of the RIT?

I legit need to check their website first- Those that need to figure out what color, go to ritdye.com, and they have a formula guide that tells you how to achieve certain colors.
I'm going to use :
1/4 Tsp Purple
1/8 Tsp Navy'

ended up using fuschia and navy, the color looks awesome so far!! I'll post b/a pics later.

#12 chloeandthehawk on 8 years ago

sooo double post but it's progress/bump/edit:
-used rit dye
-fuschia and navy
-whole thing of fuschia, half of navy
-heated it up to hottest on sink it could go.
-moved pan to boil on the stove
-took it off asssss soon as it started to boil
-dunked the wig in the water when the bubblingboiling stopped, lioke ASAP
-let it sit in there for like an hour
-moved it into a trash bag to squeeze color out
-dried it overnight
-rinsed the wig a little
-quit rinsing it when color was fading from the top, but the ends were fine and only faded a teensy bit
came out like this after it was bright blonde

#13 FE Freak on 8 years ago

Now, chloe, did you use the powder or the liquid? That aside, the result is spectacular. The color is darn near perfect, too. Bravo.

#14 chisainekocat on 8 years ago

Wow, thank you for this! I've seen a wig RIT-dyed before, but it came out to such a fried mess that I think it deterred a lot of cosplayers from trying it, myself included. Thanks for the detailed instructions, char99char and chloe.

#15 SabienStrange on 8 years ago

that turned out wonderfully chloe,
that color is awesome!
this gives me a lot more confidence about going through with this method.
and i'd also like to know of you used the liquid or the powder form of RIT.