Suikoden 2010?

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#1 Yggdrasil Pie on 10 years ago

ATTENTION STARS OF DESTINY! It's FANIME 2010 SUIKODEN GATHERING! w000! I finally submitted the gathering information to BSaphire, and since there weren't any objections to Sunday, that'll be when the gathering is!

This is an all Suikoden cosplay gathering, so any Suikoden character from any game is welcome to come! This includes Suikoden I-V, Suikogaiden, Tactics, and Tierkreis!

Show your love for the game! Even if you aren't cosplaying from the series, having photographers and general support would be just as awesome!

Day: Sunday
Time: 10:30 AM
Location: FiF CE HS = Fountains in Front of the Convention Entrance, Hilton Side

Yggdrasil Pie - Chrodechild (Suikoden Tierkreis)
slightlysalted - Mcdohl (Suikoden II)
rayna - Manaril (Suikoden Tierkreis)
kappaku - Asad (Suikoden Tierkreis)
okageo - Asad (Suikoden Tierkreis)

Since there isn't too many of us, I was planning for our group to head over to the Fanime Theme gathering( The theme is Fantasy RPGs this year!), which takes place in the same location at 11:00AM. You're welcome to stay or leave, but since our gathering time seems so short I encourage you all to stay! :D

Please be advised that Fanime staff will be taking photos of the group and if cosplayers do not wish to be in them to step aside. If you stay then you are giving consent to be photographed.[/B]

Fanime is a little more than week away, I hope you're all ready! <3

#2 Shichikou on 10 years ago

lol. You know i'll be there as a photographer~ woot woot~

#3 Yggdrasil Pie on 10 years ago

w00! Yay! <3<3<3

#4 slightlysalted on 10 years ago

Ooh awesome. If you plan a day and time, I'll be there as McDohl (Suikoden II version)~ I certainly hope that you get Luc done! I'd love to see it!

#5 BSaphire on 10 years ago

I don't know if you are aware, but the theme for Fanime this year is Fantasy RPG and I have included Suikoden series as one of them. I have cospeeps that will be attending the gathering and there is a thread here


and on the Fanime forums


for the Fanime Theme Gathering. Suikoden cospeeps are welcome to join in the two gatherings (Sat & Sun @ 11 am FiF CE HS) just post in one of the threads who and what series you will be cosplaying from.

Hope to see you there!

#6 Yggdrasil Pie on 10 years ago

Omg yay~ more Suikoden cosplayers! *____* I can't wait to see your Mcdohl!!!

For the theme gathering, they'll be a Josephine, and I was chatting with a Tierkreis cosplayer (who might have a group) at the Fanime boards. If we organize this right~ I think we just might have ourselves a little gathering! ^^ What we can do is meet up a bit before the theme gathering, take some pictures then move to the theme gathering together!

Which day do you think would be better, Sat or Sun?

#7 slightlysalted on 10 years ago

That might be possible. Do you know what day the theme gathering is? I tried looking for it, but I guess I just suck.

#8 Yggdrasil Pie on 10 years ago

Here's a thread for it at the fanime forums. It's Sat+Sun at 11AM. :D


#9 Yggdrasil Pie on 10 years ago

Finally started on my Luc costume. Wondering if there's more Suikoden Cosplayers out there. XD; Also~ would you guys prefer the gathering to be on Saturday or Sunday?

#10 EpicCosplay on 10 years ago

Isn't there like 648 different Stars of Destiny to Cosplay? ;) We will want to take a lot of pictures as Suikoden being a personal favorite RPG series. <3

Your Tir McDohl is awesome by the way!

#11 Yggdrasil Pie on 10 years ago

Thanks alot! Yeaaa, there's so many characters now to cosplay, there needs to be more suikoden cosplayers! XD I hope to see you there, thanks for the reply! ^^

#12 Shichikou on 10 years ago

WOO! I get to be super photographer!

#13 Yggdrasil Pie on 10 years ago

Not Anymore!!! You Are Now A Ninja!

#14 Shichikou on 10 years ago


+____________+ !!!!

EVEN better!

#15 rayna on 10 years ago

I'll be there as Manaril! :D