last week help out tread ^^

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#1 trixyloupwolf on 8 years ago

tought it be usefull a help tread for last minute stuff

need one item and did not find it ask fellow here ^^

need helpt to fix up stuff that don,t quite work out this is the place to ask
we can help you out event if you screww big time ^^

that why were call friend and we like to help out (ok i know i do like to help out ^^)

so yeah ill go first ^^
were can i find brown lil glove at this time of the year =-=

#2 Gravely on 8 years ago

a nice glove?

a winter bulky glove?

which hand??

#3 trixyloupwolf on 8 years ago

mmm any hand even unmach one il take any ^^::
just have a pair of red one but it flash too much ^^

its like (sheep arrgg de la laine ) glove thingy (you know dollor store one

#4 supergeekgirl on 8 years ago

What WHAT!? Aren't there two weeks or so left??!?! Did I miss something?!!!?

#5 trixyloupwolf on 8 years ago

well iam leaving the 5 from montreal so like a week and a half lol^^;;;

but anyone have unmach pair of dolar store??? any hand ill rtry to take un macht too if any ^^ just not red or bright color i looking for brownish one ^^


#6 Gravely on 8 years ago


I have brown gloves for you, they're already packed