World of Warcraft - Sally Whitemane cosplay

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#1 taxi on 10 years ago

Hello everyone. I want to do a Sally Whitemane cosplay. ([url][/url] [url][/url]) But I cant seem figure out what to do for that hat. Does anyone have any ideas, know of anything close, or even know if theres a proper term for the kind of hat that is?

#2 Achtung on 10 years ago

I have no idea about the hat, sorry...

...But if you ever come to Boston as Whitemane, I'll probably collapse into a giggling pile of dorky glee.

#3 Aer on 10 years ago

Haha Whitemane's Chapeau :)

For any hats I have to make I just use a posterboard or foamie base and cover it with fabric. Did that for my Trucy top hat. Everything is pretty much hotglued together and I kept trying it on as I made it to make sure it fit right.