Any cosplayers in Beirut, Lebanon?

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#1 pink.melon on 8 years ago

I am a cosplayer based in Los Angeles who thought it was high time to get an account here because I'm moving to a place where I have seen no cosplay activity.

Anyone from Lebanon Beirut? I am curious to see if there are any here/how big the craze is.

I have cosplayed some deathnote, soul eater, loveless, hetalia and various fashions (steampunk, regular punk, visual kei).


#2 zeina_naruto on 8 years ago

I'm a girl who lives in Lebanon and i have known cosply on the internet and i honestly tell you that i think no one in all of Lebanon but me knows what is cosplay.
i'd really like to cosplay someday but since there is no cosplay activity in lebanon I think it's impossible but I've created a group about that on facebook and hope you'll join:

#3 charafan012 on 7 years ago

i live in lebanon too i cant find anything manga are expensive figurines are expensive too == i cant find wigs or cosplay clothes ==
the only anime fans i found till now like dragon ball and bleach ==
i joined your group