CC 25: How was it for you?

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#1 grandis on 11 years ago

I know most people are still at the convention. Le sigh. I had to come back to be at work today, bright and early.

The fine guild folks in St. Louis really pulled off a great con. For the day I was there, rooms and halls were full of costumes, mostly pirates given the themes, but there was a lot of variety. I received two hall costume awards for each of my day suits: an Ohtori school uniform and a corseted witch outfit. But there was much eye candy. :)

The display room was full of beautiful costumes and there were lovely photos to see. People were friendly and panels were good. On the whole, I enjoyed the convention part of the convention. Good work, con comm.

I met Sarcasm-hime, Kaijugirl, and C Sue Shambaugh for the briefest of times. I had better luck running into Capsule Corp and her friends repeatedly, but I didn't get to do a lot of socializing. I caught glimpses of Buddycat, Gravely, and many of the Costume Guild regulars.

In spite of much behind-the-scenes uncertainty, our group did very well at the convention. We took Best in Show Workmanship, and Best Recreation in the Master's Class. Thank you, Costume Con, for awarding our efforts. My own costume has taken thirteen months of my life, and a great deal of experimentation, angst, and uncertainty. I was elated when it came together, and I've been lucky enough to have my efforts recognized twice. This makes me truly feel I have arrived as a Master Costumer. They say that major wins at World Con and Costume Con can do that. Personally, the admiration of my peers means a lot.

Now, I'm going to sink back into several not as complicated, easy to put together, fun to wear suits. Oh yeah...

At any rate, if you're thinking about future costume cons, I've been to three. I find they vary in flavor from con to con, but on the whole, this one has shown me that they can be quite fine, and you can learn a lot.

Thank you, Trinity Blood group, for the shared opportunity to costume with you. Thank you, on line friends for making the experience enjoyable. Thank you, cast and crew of CC25 for working very, very hard. Thank you, judges, for recognizing a lot of hard work and good intentions.


#2 supergeekgirl on 11 years ago

It was a great convention, very laid back and small (which is what I like). The costumes were fantastic! I loved the masquerade costumes, and it was nice that it was so intimate because we were able to sit quite close to the stage. I spent a lot of time with Khenemetset and Radragon76, who live right here in South St. Louis. I also got to talk a lot to CapsuleCorp and Greenfire, who were absolutely awesome. The rest of the I talked to I didn't get to spend much time with, but at least I feel special for meeting them. I'm going back tonight for the Mouse-kerade in Hospitality. I dressed Menchi up as Comrade Menchi for it.

#3 Karisu-sama on 11 years ago

(And I demand photos!) ^_____^

#4 Shine-Chan on 11 years ago

I had so much fun. It was really calm and relaxing as far as cons go. This is the first con I felt didn't have me rushing all around trying to see everything at once. I liked just talking with people in hospitality between panels. I forgot to take pictures for most of the con because I was enjoying just wandering around looking at people.

The masquerade had a full tec run through that was something I would like to see more anime cons do. During our run though my shoulder armor launched itself across the stage and some of the spikes broke. I ran back to the room to make repairs feeling doomed and frustrated. Luckily I had everything I needed for repairs and fixed it up before show time. I was freaking out until the glue set and the paint dried.

I seam to have no luck when it comes to getting early slots in the masquerade so I didn't get to see any of the other acts until they play the video later. I was the armored pirate in the pirates inc skit. I made up most of my silly dance on the spot after I blanked out on the moves I had practiced before hand. I guess I do better under stress than I thought.

I had entered the doll show with Zabusa and Syaoran I made awhile ago. There were some very cool dolls there and I was really impressed with some of the displays. I kind of forgot I had even entered until I was siting in the audience waiting for the judgeing to be anounced talking to the gothic Merry Popins and then I heard something that sounded like Zabusa and then my name.

I was totally blown away my doll had won for faithfulness to documentation. I had only made him so I could be more easily be recognize in my Haku kimono and I had only chose to toss him in at the last minute.

Then they announced the awards in the novice categories and I got another surprise I won a workmanship award for the paint work on my Faris costume. I didn't think I would win anything and I was sure I made myself look like a blithering idiot in front of the judges and forgot half the things I wanted to say but apparently they liked what they saw.

I saw one of the strangest horror movies ever waiting for the masquerade dvd to be done. Seeing myself on stage is feels kind of odd but I got a copy of the dvd any way.

I was Totoro again on Sunday and got roped in to loading the car. I didn't know the wind was so strong. When I got back inside I found one of my Totoro wiskers blew off. I told a few people when they took my picture and one of them went out and found it when I was sure it was lost forever and another person let me use some adhesive to stick it back on my face. People there were just super nice.

The show and tell was neat but I was overheating a little, hungry and tired so we left right after that.

#5 CapsuleCorp on 11 years ago

Man, I am so tired. :)

CostumeCon was great. As quality as I expected. I learned so much, took notes, brought 'em home, been thinking about wings all the drive back today. I will get pics up...eventually. I have something like 110 - triple what I've been taking at anime cons. The ones of my costumes will probably go up here but the con photos (including both masquerades and the future fashion show) may be on my yahoo. Wherever I have space.

SOOOO much fun hanging out with Kaijugal and sarcasm-hime. :D You guys rock! Hardcore! If I go to the trouble of getting a passport I'll come do AnimeNorth sometime. supergeekgirl, good to meet you - yay for fangirling on our Kyou Kara Maou costumes! Thanks. ;) grandis, congrats again - I'll pick your brain about the foofy hat sometime.

And thanks to Bruce and everybody from StL for pulling off an awesome costume time. I wish I could go to San Jose, but alas, the moneys, they are not there. But now that Milwaukee has 2010, oh man, my backyard! I'll at least be there if nothing else. (too bad, really - Kevin, you are a hoot in action and I'd love to see how your con goes!!)

I really wish every costumer who has the smallest inkling to take cosplay seriously would go to a CostumeCon. I really do. You learn so much even if you think you know everything, and get so many ideas for what to do in the future to make it all even better. And get to fondle lots of nice costumes. ;)

#6 grandis on 11 years ago

[QUOTE=CapsuleCorp;1807853]I really wish every costumer who has the smallest inkling to take cosplay seriously would go to a CostumeCon. I really do. You learn so much even if you think you know everything, and get so many ideas for what to do in the future to make it all even better. And get to fondle lots of nice costumes. ;)[/QUOTE]

It is a great way to get better at the craft. :)

Waiting for foofy hat mail...


#7 Buddycat on 11 years ago

Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the kudos. I'll have more to say once I have time in the near future. Glad everyone had a good time.

#8 Tancos on 11 years ago

I had a good time watching all the nifty costumes, and I took hundreds of pictures with my toy camera. I've posted a selection [url=]here[/url] and [url=]here[/url]. I'll post many more when I have some time to spare -- maybe this weekend, if nothing else goes wrong.

Update (4-12-09): the old site is defunct. The pictures are [URL=""]here[/URL] now.

#9 Costumers on 11 years ago

Regarding photos, our official photographer, Kerry Gille, took over 700 photos, from all three shows, the dolls, shoes and the halls. As soon as we can collate everything into some logical form he will have them available.

I'm glad so many had fun and learned alot. This is the third CC I've been co-chair of. I had a great co-chair and a wonderful committee to work with.

Now is the time to take a few off (working on not attending. I'll be at them with bells on) We have some projects for the next couple as well as Archon to work on now. (and an Elvis costume for a friend of mine)


#10 CapsuleCorp on 11 years ago

Oh yes, thanks go to you and Sandy too, Pierre. All the people everyone knows by name are so cool. It's exactly the opposite of what all the cosplay kiddies think about expert costumers - they seem to fear snobbery and elitism. But you guys all prove that being good at making costumes does not make one a snob. I felt very welcomed. I'll do whatever I can to help promote the cause of CostumeCon until the next time I can attend one myself.

#11 Sarcasm-hime on 11 years ago

I have a monster case of [i]Ze Con Plague[/i] (many apologies in advance if I passed it on to anyone), alas, so I gotta go to bed, but just as a short note Team Canuckistan (Kaijugal, Ikegami and myself) had a SUPER AWESOME time.

It's funny; I can say without too much vanity that around here I'm kind of one of the 'old-timer costume experts' and yet CC transformed me into a squeeing fangirl, following people like Lisa Ashton and Gypsy Ames around with starry eyes and pawing at their beady goodness. *lol* I hope I didn't make too much a fool of myself.

Mucho thanks to everyone involved, and we look forward to inflicting our many brilliant and twisted plans for future CCs on all of you. XD

#12 Gravely on 11 years ago

CC-25 as it pertains to cosplay went off really really well I thought.
I saw new to CC cosplayers in many different costruction panels that showed that no matter what theme costume a builder is attempting, good construction is universal.

This was very apparent to me as the workmanship judge for SF/F. I judged at AUSA in the fall, and found plenty of things to give awards to, but this was the first time I had permission to paw around anime based costumes of this quality.
What I still find most intriguing about this slice of the hobby is the skill at finding original solutions to problems.

Grizelda and I made some good new friends, and we felt the warmth of the folks we'd met last year. And I will single out and embarrass Kaijugal for being one of the highlights of the con for me. There will be pumpkin pie at any con I'm at if I know you're gonna be there.

Overall, While the message still needs to be spread to all cosplayers everywhere, one thing is clear.

Costume-Con has opened it's arms to you all. We have not changed our judging critieria one little bit for you, and in the past two years many many major awards were given to Anime based costumes.

You've been treated well, You've won big time awards, tell your friends.

#13 RaDragon76 on 11 years ago

I just wanted to say I had a great time and learned so much at CC25. It was fun meeting and talking with all the costumers and learning new things that I can now apply to my own costuming. I liked the welcoming and laid back atmosphere of the convention and the friendliness of the green room and masquerade staff. You guys made all of us newcomers feel at ease and made the masquerade a wonderful experience. Thank you so much.

SGG- Great to talk with you again. Can't wait to see you at ASTL and Archon. Hope we can hang out with you again.

grandis- Congrats on your win. Your Trinity Blood costumes were simply beautiful. I can tell a lot of time and love went into them.

Kaijugal and sarcasm-hime- I'm glad I got to meet both of you even though we didn't really talk much. I've been admiring your costumes for a couple of years now and meeting you was one of the many highlights of the convention for me.

Sandy, Pierre, Bruce Etc- Thanks for putting together a wonderful convention.

I too will tell others about CC and insist that they try to make one of them. I learned so much even standing around in the halls, listening to people talk and I know it will help me to delvelope better costuming skills. I have so many ideas running around in my head now that it amazes me. I wish I could attend the next two costume cons but they are both going to be too far away for me to get too. I look forward to CC 2010 in Milwaukee.

#14 khenemetset on 11 years ago

I enjoyed costumecon greatly. And I ditto everything that RaDragon said to everyone. :D

#15 grandis on 11 years ago


Overall, While the message still needs to be spread to all cosplayers everywhere, one thing is clear.

Costume-Con has opened it's arms to you all. We have not changed our judging critieria one little bit for you, and in the past two years many many major awards were given to Anime based costumes.

You've been treated well, You've won big time awards, tell your friends.[/QUOTE]

There's a real slice of the anime community to whom this sort of experience is gonna appeal, and I think that their numbers will increase as they realize they're in it for the costuming first, the rest second.

I think that anime fans are maybe the most likely group of fans to costume. There's a real participation factor for it at the cons. Many of them decide after a while that they kind of like the costuming more than the shows, the skits, or the karaoke. They find themselves coming up with skits that present their costumes in the best light, rather than are the funniest or show the most flesh. They find that they've been making recreations for 10 or (*ahem*) more years, and that they've accidentally become costumers/cosplayers first, more than fans, and they care what their costumes look like.

Then, that's what they become hungry for more knowledge and appreciation, and maybe they wonder if there's something more out there. And that's when you're going to get them.

So I'm speaking to you, Anime Cosplayer who's just a little bored, who's noticing that your costumes are good, but you'd like people who know the difference between a good and a bad costume to notice, or to you, Anime Cosplayer, who are discontented with your skill level and want to get better.

This is a good place for you to go. Forget what you think you know. They are pretty supportive of recreation and genre costuming, and they just want to dress up in goofy clothes like you.

That said, what Gravely said. We've been noticed, and we've won awards. Go. Play.