ASSASSIN'S CREED 2011: Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

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#16 cactusmomma on 9 years ago

I've been fixing up and improving on my Rosa. I'll have her for this gathering. Trying to drag a couple others into this con too.

#17 tasukigirl on 9 years ago

[QUOTE=cactusmomma;3528208]I've been fixing up and improving on my Rosa. I'll have her for this gathering. Trying to drag a couple others into this con too.[/QUOTE]

Awesome! It will be nice to have a fellow thief running around! >:]

#18 junkeemunky on 9 years ago

cactusmomma, it would be so awesome to finally meet you in person. Drag more people to the gathering!

#19 Inked~Wrong on 9 years ago

I'll be cosplaying the Doctor from Brotherhood. :D With my girlfriend (vexation) being the Prowler charater. (pics if needed) We'll be having them done by the release (hopefully!) But We're trying to make it out there for 2011.

#20 Vexation on 9 years ago

For those wondering, "Prowler" is what Playstation Magazine calls the new multiplayer Assassin that still looks like a typical assassin. With the hood and the wrist blade and all that. :3

We're really hoping to make it out to Fanime, but a lot of it will depend on finances. xD We're debating flying versus driving right now... Not sure I wanna try and get a Creed cosplay past homeland security, you know?

#21 tasukigirl on 9 years ago

@Vexation- Oh man! I really hope you girls can make it! That will be awesome!

@monkey- Okay, you can put down atmosk_ebzero (LJ name, not coscom) as Master Assassin Ezio. I'm holding with my position as Rosa until I finish helping him with it. (As I procrastinate deciding what I want to do...)

#22 Vexation on 9 years ago

@tasuki- After I had a good laugh, Inked informed me to correct you that he's a he and not a she. XD Common mistake though~

#23 junkeemunky on 9 years ago

Inked, I'll add you guys to the list! I've seen the Prowler character also referred to as Hunter.

Vexation, I know what you mean. We were walking around in AC costumes just outside of the Fanime area and got hassled by the police. I can't even imagine getting that stuff through an airport.

Tasukigirl, I'll add him to the list. I hope to see some Ezio progress soon. And doctor candy~

My gf and I are also hoping to have some costumes done for the release, but it all depends on how busy Fall semester gets. I suppose we can always re-wear Ezio and Leonardo if necessary.

#24 Inked~Wrong on 9 years ago

Dude, Prowler/Hunter's pants make no sense. o____o; Seriously. I found a hi-resolution front shot of him and they confuse us both. Gaaaah.

haha... yeah. I'm sure we don't want to deal with getting hassled in an airport but driving from Tennessee might just kill us.

#25 junkeemunky on 9 years ago

Oh man, I was looking at them too. They don't even look like pants, they look like they're made out of strips of fabric just thrown together. I'd say maybe they're puffy, but the lines are kind of twisted from being shoved into his boots.

Also, if you're taking the plane, you can try what my roommate at Fanime did. She deconstructed her props/blades, and just recombined them once she reached the hotel.

#26 tasukigirl on 9 years ago

@Inked- Sorry about that. .__. I've simply met so many female AC cosplayers I didn't think twice about it! XD

#27 Inked~Wrong on 9 years ago

Tis ok. XD Pretty bad when you know that your girlfriend passes more like a guy than you do, so I'm use to it.

heh, the hi-res image of doctor is pretty sweet. I'm actually happy that I don't have to hem the bottom of the dress/skirt. Thought the belt confuses me. >_> Double buckles? Really? Ugh.

But people that are cosplaying doctors, Vexation has a horrible fear of doctors masks. Don't ask why, just saying not to come up behind her or to her side. And if you do, make sure to take off the mask or yell "KaKAAAW~" XD It's a system we built when I was cosplaying an Actual Plauge Doctor a few months back.

#28 Vexation on 9 years ago

Yeah yeah. I always come with a disclaimer, don't I?

Anyway, I was also thinking we could take our props (specifically my wrist blade) and bundle it up and mail it to the girl we'll be roomates with. :3 That way we could get away without dealing with security much. (I have a few friends that have done this in the past...)

FFF YES. I'm going to have to make strips and glue them together and call them pants. I hate making pants in the first place /grumblegrunt

#29 junkeemunky on 9 years ago

I could definitely think of more fun things to sew than pants. I'm actually starting on mock-up armor pieces today (both Ezio and Cesare), mostly just experimenting. My goal is to get most of the difficult pieces done FIRST this year.

#30 tasukigirl on 9 years ago

@Inked and Vexation- I met a girl who dressed up as Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas and what she did was make a plain dress and then sewed the patches on top of it. It's a little more time consuming, but it might help. :) Make a base and then pin the strips of colored fabric over it to get it where you need it.