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#1 RetsofNoraa on 8 years ago

This is actually my first completed cosplay, and I'm surprised at how well it turned out. I was attending Daisho-Con 2010, and I knew I couldn't go without something.

I already had the trenchcoat from a play in high school nearly four years ago, and the shirt and shoes were also mine; I got the pants at a Goodwill, the sunglasses and make-up at various costume shops, the hat at another resale shop, and my father sent up the red tie. Aside from the hat not being white, I'd say this came together fairly well.

[IMG]http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b396/retsof-noraa/Daisho-Con 2010/DSCF0091.jpg[/IMG]

One grip I do have is the nose; it was part of a set with the nose and lower jaw of a pig face, and it just didn't look quite right. That, and I didn't have the proper makeup to blend it into the rest of my face. Oh, well.

#2 nessabutterfly on 8 years ago

My SIL would love this-- she's half-way through one of Gina's outfits.

#3 RetsofNoraa on 8 years ago

I dusted off the Porco cosplay for the Chicago "Wizard World" Comic Con this year, and I knew it needed a bit of touching up; not only did I need a new hat, but also a new mustache (condensation from the nose wound up leaking out and wrecking it, as seen in the above photo; the left mustache has become unraveled and lost its curl).

I finally found the hat I was looking for at JCPenney, $15 after P off. An elastic band was stitched across the original for accuracy, and I had the perfect hat! I also managed to grab a bigger mustache, which I was also pleasently surprised to learn withstood use; even though whatever was holding it together also came loose like my first mustache, it maintained its curl a lot better, so I should be able to use it again next year.

The overall reaction was astounding; even people who hadn't seen the film were understanding who I was supposed to be, and many, many photos were taken. One of the last was with this fellow manning the Medieval Times booth, who loudly professed - despite supposedly being a Lord of the Medieval age - that he was a huge fan of the film.

[IMG]http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b396/retsof-noraa/Wizard World 2011/DSCF0373.jpg[/IMG]

#4 RetsofNoraa on 7 years ago

Made another visit to Wizard World this year! This time I added ears to the makeup, made out of the lower jaw of the pig snout I had cut in half.

[IMG]http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b396/retsof-noraa/Wizard World 2012/384707_369669343102257_220562584_n.jpg[/IMG]

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