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#1 .(Sa).Kairi on 7 years ago

Hi there!
If someone could help me find some pics of the series scissors crown I would be very grateful! I always loved thores artwork but I don't want to do a trinity blood costume for now! And I discovered scissors crown and fell in love with the designs!
Unfortunatly I can't find much info about it!! or pictures!
Can anyone tell me more and please pictures specially of alice! I love her costume and am interested in seeing the details. Thank you

#2 KakeraのTsuki on 7 years ago


That tiny image from Thores' blog was the only one I ever found of Alice. <_<;;
Though to be honest, I didn't look very hard. I was more interested in Claus so I have a lot more images for him, haha.

The Japanese title is "シザーズクラウン". If you google that and take your time sifting through the links, I'm sure you'll find something. =)

Found two more from Thores' photoblog, and I'm pretty sure that's Alice in a different outfit... it was tagged with scissors crown, in any case. xD

#3 Sephirayne on 7 years ago

Oooo! Yes! Scissors Crown. I'm looking into myself. Sadly there isn't much out there. I'm on the look out though. If I see any I'll post some.

#4 .(Sa).Kairi on 7 years ago

Thank u so much in advance! : )
Yeah it's not a very hard costume! I actually am looking forward for marking the hat and all the beading and details. I was looking for this pictures in the begining but never found it!
[url][/url] .__.
I love claus design *_*The colour the hat! It's wonderful! I found a lot of images of him! (I love the hats design so much I love seth and mirka from TB because of that too!) x')
I could't find much info about the series I'll look for some more with the info you just gave me
Thank you : )
*will update if finds somethin'*

#5 KakeraのTsuki on 7 years ago

That image in the beginning is almost certainly fanart. xD Thores' art doesn't look like that at all, so I don't think it's trustworthy as a reference, anyways.

I love Claus' design! I mean, he's a tailor who fights with a giant needle and fabric scissors! So much love haha. <3

There's so little information on Scissors Crown... =( I swear even Bone King has more images, and the costumes in that are just school uniforms. "OTL I'll update if I come across anything else online, too.

Good luck with your costume, .(Sa).Kairi! =)

#6 Sephirayne on 7 years ago

Yes, I'm struggling to find more information. I would love to do Claus as his deisgn is awesome. A friend of mine did it for Eurocosplay and he did an epic job. I'm debating switching to another character but not sure on who to or even who the characters are as I can't find character lists.

Tempted by the guy in the second pic with the glasses but want to find out more about him first.

Good luck with the costumes they look as detailed as TB.

#7 KakeraのTsuki on 7 years ago

Same~ I was considering the girl with the scissors that look like rapiers since I like how she has shorts, but I can't even find her name -sigh-

On the other hand, I would LOVE to cosplay Claus and have a canon pincushion on my hat. X'D

I always see that glasses guy with Alice so they're related I think; The glasses guy may actually be Claus? I found an image where Claus was wearing glasses and looked exactly liek that. Uh... it's all terribly confusing. xD;

#8 Sephirayne on 7 years ago

Hmm, it is hard to find out who all the characters are but I do love the designs. I hope to find out more.

If you do go for making one of the costumes please do share. I would love to see images. I think the character designs are gorgeous. Then again I think all of Thores' work is gorgeous.

#9 aimee on 6 years ago

this thread is old, but has anyone found more images of scissors crown?

#10 kimu on 6 years ago

If you want pictures for Scissors Crown, I suggest spending the money to get the new THORES art book, the Tappeto Russo. It has art work from several series in it. It's a lovely book!!
(And just in case I'm asked, I'm so sorry but I don't have the time to scan pages, nor the desire to break the binding in order to get good scans.)

#11 aimee on 6 years ago

It appears to be sold out everywhere? I don't know if I want to spend $90-$300 on a book that I don't even know if I like the images in it, but thanks,... I already have her Trinity Blood book which is lovely.

#12 kimu on 6 years ago

Sold out already?? You could always see if CD Japan or Amazon Japan has them? Kinokuniya in the US is sold out?
Someone will eventually scan one in, I'm sure. Probably some selling used copies down the road, too.
There are a few repeat plates for the TB section, but it includes full-size versions of all the tarot card art. If someone (you) wanted the Scissors Crown art, this book has a lot of it and that's why I was thinking it might be worth obtaining.

#13 aimee on 6 years ago

the trouble is, I'm not sure if I'm interested in scissors crown as there is all of maybe 3 peices of it online. I'm not sure if I'll like it enough to justify the cost given that I already have a nice TB book and I actually like the story from TB, etc.

It's really unfortunate that Thores' work is so hard to find online other than TB stuff. the Opera series, you can find some images of at least. Is there a lot of Opera in that book too?
None of those novels seem to come in english, though.
I wish Thores would put up a medium sized image of some of her work. People would still buy the artbook, those who want the nice big images, and then at least we could see more of her work.

Anyway, I haven't tried asking at kino or searching, yet. Like I said, I'm just not really sure I can justify the cost right now. Maybe if I could get a used copy later or something. Who knows.