Otakuthon 2012 Cosplay thread !

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#1 Zhor'Fughakee on 7 years ago

So I noticed that the thread wasn't created yet so I start it ! :)

Post your plans and Ideas for your next Otakuthon cosplays ! :)

I'll be there for the whole week end, so I will make 3 cosplays :

I'll be Princess Zelda, Benjamin Carmine from Gears of War and Chell from Portal

And yours ?

#2 Vicky Janelle on 7 years ago

My cosplay for this years.

Friday : Unknown ?
Saturday : Fluttershy or Posey from My Little Pony
Sunday : I'm just wearing my normal outfit.

#3 MDA on 7 years ago

I'm glad that for once my plans are actually pretty solid this time!

Friday/Saturday: Reverie "Ren" Metherlance from Elemental Gelade (with my boyfriend as Coud Van Guiret)

Sunday: Kuja from Dissidia: Final Fantasy
(might swap out Kuja for a secret cosplay... maybe, it's doubtful though)

#4 Rainbowgasm on 7 years ago

I want to do this, but I think the only way would be if I went out to visit family the weeks around it, and i don't think my parents have any time left to book off in the summer... FFF... I will one year soon!

#5 Kagomekai on 7 years ago

If I do go to Otakuthon this year I plan to cosplay the same thing I am cosplaying at AN; Liliana of the Veil (Liliana Vess) from Magic: The Gathering. We'll see though cuz its kinda an issue with having money but if I do go then I will have no problems getting there. (Hopefully my friend doesn't have her birthday party that weekend, was the reason I didn't go last year and the reason I missed the sunday in 2010)

#6 Ophexis on 7 years ago

I'll be Mordecai from Borderlands for the three days! :D
Just hoping I'll be able to make the costume xD

#7 naomi_censored on 7 years ago

I really want to go to this con!!!! If I can get the money together, I'd love to go! I want to wear a kpop cosplay to this con, particularly the G-Dragon costume I'm working on.

#8 Nefer on 7 years ago

I'll be there as usual, though the hotel room is another question entirely, I fear it's going to be more difficult to plan than usual this year @[email protected]

For cosplays, it's going to be:
Saturday: Ike (Super Smash Bros Brawl)
Sunday: Nuriko (Fushigi Yuugi)

...Friday depends if Liliana can come back to Otakuthon this year or not, if she can then Maria (Castlevania SotN)...with the handmade brodery in the back done this time lol (ran out of time in 2010). Otherwise, I'll see by then, perhaps Laguna (FF8) or whatever else I'll feel like wearing the friday lol.

#9 MDA on 7 years ago

I decided due to what Kuja's like for walking and everything (including packing), I'm not going to bring him. Instead... I'll do my secret cosplay >D
Hopefully I can find the remaining things I need @[email protected]

#10 Shouri no Hana on 7 years ago

Since I'm crashing my friend's small apartment I can't bring along anything too large...

Friday: Sice FFType-0
Saturday: Noel Kriess FF13-2
Sunday: Sice FFType-0

We're making both the summer and winter uniforms, hopefully. Noel's gonna take time, so if he isn't finished, I'll probably bring Fang instead.

#11 Kimmy on 7 years ago

My tentative plans for the weekend (in no particular order) are:

- Twilight Sparkle [Gala version] (My Little Pony: FiM)
- Sakurai Sho (ARASHI)
- something from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, most likely Kaname Madoka

#12 Video Kozo on 7 years ago

i've been missing going every year... this year I AM NOT messing up my scedule i aint missing this one.

this is the only Con just an hour away from my home.

#13 MagiFox on 7 years ago

Otakuthon is still a ways away, but I already know I'll be either making Princess Luna or one of the Mane Six [Gala Dress] (My Little Pony: FiM) to pair up with Kimmy's Galla Twilight Sparkle this year.~

But mainly, I'll be bringing back my Fifth Doctor (Doctor Who) and Fionna (Adventure Time) once they're done with Anime North. I'll also have to start hotel bookings soon with my friends if they're looking for that sort of thing. It would help me out a ton, budget-wise.

#14 EmpressofSquee on 7 years ago

Yikes! Okay, yeah, reeeeaally early LOL but here goes (please note the following is subject to change without prior notice ;p):

Cheshire Cat (Mascot) - Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland
Patty O'Green (planning stages) - Rainbow Brite, 80s

Maybe Misery from Ruby Gloom (which I'll be wearing to AN along with Ches) or something entirely unexpected and new!

#15 Risea on 7 years ago

Depending on the time I have after Anime North (go go courses!) I'll either be wearing

- Shanoa from Castlevania OoE
- Reverse Annie from League of Legends (I will have a reverse Tibbers with me. Making this my priority because it's what a friend and I really want to do)
- If time and money permits (for 1 day) Catherine from Catherine.

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