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#1 Mangos_Limes on 7 years ago

Hello there.
This is the first time I'm attending AOD and I am struggling GREATLY to find a gathering list/forum/ something of that sort. Now this could be just because the internet and I have an ongoing battle of mutual dislike, but I have searched the website and can not find any such lead.
So does anyone know of any place I can find a gathering list, or more specifically if there is a vocaloid gathering going on?

#2 silentshadow31 on 7 years ago

I've contacted the AOD staff before to ask why they don't have a forum like most convention sites, and they've told me that it's "too much trouble" to maintain one and deal with spammers. Other small cons don't seem to have much trouble with it, and I think that by refusing to host a forum, AOD is robbing themselves of the ability to build a year-round community of friends and attendees, but...whatever.

They said to come here and use the forum for AOD if I wanted to arrange a meetup instead, so here I am! There don't seem to be many people here, though.

#3 LakuriSyaoran on 7 years ago

i've gone to AOD since 08' and I dont think i have ever seen a gathering XD
probably because its so small that not many people even cosplay the same things. ( from my experiance at least in recent years, lotsa vocaloids though, we even had a synchronocity group last year.)

I'm curious though, is anyone doing final fantasy stuffs? :3

#4 Avatar Alvaang on 7 years ago

Yup too small. But i agree they should have one. Could help them expand. But i have a feeling there will be a MLP gathering. Kinda feels like a mlp con the way its set up

#5 Amethyst Nat on 7 years ago

I havent heard of any gatherings being organized. But I've also wanted to go to a Vocaloid gathering if there was one and meet fellow Vocaloid cosplayers!!

#6 Dany on 7 years ago

Here's a thought: If there are not a huge amount of cosplayers from any one source, or not enough to really warrant a themed gathering, maybe a general gathering is an option?

I know pretty well I won't fit in any group at this point XD

#7 AJisEverywhere on 7 years ago

Yeah, I was frustrated that they haven't supported an official forum thread to organize these things. :/ I'm hoping we can throw together unofficial meetups on the fly once we see who else is cosplaying there.