need suggestions for teal hair

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#1 tsutaya on 6 years ago

Ok so Im in a bit of a crunch as I want to attend a certain rave event but cant think of any good characters with teal hair. My friends and I have come up with quite a few characters but the only one that would be suiting for a rave enviroment would be Miku Hatsune. Seeming as im not entirely fond of her I want to see if there is someone else out there that can come up with some thing better than her.

I got layered hair two inches past my shoulders and longer bangs. Think of Lucy from fairy tail but teal colored instead. Another thing is Id rather it be a little bit more conservative. Im not fond of showing everything at the moment. Shorts skirts are a go just my midsection I dont like showing.

#2 December Wynn on 6 years ago

My first recommendation would be just to get a wig. It would be easier to chose the character based on the clothing you have, and then to get the wig to match. Less expensive, too.

However, if wigs are out, here are a couple of characters I can think of with teal hair: Klarinette from .hack, Amiti from Golden Sun, Alex from Golden Sun, Nel from Bleach, and Sailor Neptune. Oh, and there's always Noah Kaiba.

#3 tsutaya on 6 years ago

Well my hair is already teal. Was just looking for a character that would be reasonable for it. But thanks for the suggestions :)