What is everyone currently working on?

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#1 *Jibrielle* on 15 years ago

Hey Everyone :wave:

So what are you working on right now?

<---Black mage rikku's hat and finishing touches of Aerith

#2 Mara on 15 years ago

I'm finishing up Narcasse of Arslan Senki for Kazeon. Finally, finally, after years of planning someday to make an Arslan Senki costume, I will have done it! yay!

#3 the_tennyo on 15 years ago

naruto headband * I suck, :D haha*
and my Yuna costume

#4 Jun_Kazama on 15 years ago

I'm working on my Priss costume from Bubblegum Crisis toyko 2040 (sorta). I'm doing her red suit that she wears in concert. I've only cut out the patterns so far, and I found the right fabric for it..i just have to wait until I get the money. I've still got a ways to go till i need it though (anime boston) so i have plenty of time ^_^"

#5 liz-maru on 15 years ago

im making rei's plugsuit and claire from resi evil 2 and defender from hunter ^^ too many at once

#6 CapsuleCorp on 15 years ago

Kurz Weber from Full Metal Panic. Not for me, for a commission (sort of). I haven't given a thought to what my personal next costume will be because I still have to trot out Dende at every con and party for like the next year...

Though I do have the blue nylon on hand to do Yugi's blue "bondage vest"...

#7 lainey on 15 years ago

wedding yuna :D

#8 Chun Li on 15 years ago

Mokuba of YuGiOh

#9 *Jibrielle* on 15 years ago

I wanna make asuka's plug suit is it hard to make?

#10 Giant Alucard on 15 years ago

I'm work on Canti from Fooly Cooly, because you can't beat a walking TV. lol.

#11 Volksen on 15 years ago

Currently trying to convert a pair of combat boots into Cloud's boots.
Abandoned the first attempt to turn them brown with brown Kiwi polish.
Looking like I might have to make covers, luckily I already have the material that would look good on them.

#12 Tiirz on 15 years ago

Multiple Hellsing costumes, mostly not for me...I just bought the guns for the Alucard! Yay!

And I at least got some photos in my gallery! They aren't costumes, but one still won a hall costume award.

#13 Karisu-sama on 15 years ago

A Chinese robe for my husband so he can either be a Ranma version (if he braids his hair) or a Tamahome version (if he ties it with a red ribbon).

#14 BIOJECT on 15 years ago

The first costume I'm working on is Albert Wesker. So far I have the gun.

My second character is Deedlit, which I plan on beginning sometime today. I need to check out some fabric stores and get sized, browse for materials, and get some ideas on how I should go about making the costume. Oh and making a money plan so I can afford all this stuff.

I decided to go through with the Wesker costume since I am not completely sure I will crossplay. I've never even cosplayed before and it's going to take a lot of guts to put on a dress and walk around a group of looking people. Scary!

#15 Daala on 15 years ago

Naruto Shoes and weapons, I just finished the jacket and vest. *sigh*