What are you cosplaying as?

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#1 Shadowhunteress on 6 years ago

I think this was needed to be posted :toothy: So what are you cosplaying to this year's Metrocon? Are you looking to hang out with specific cosplayers in a group?

#2 Dnight on 6 years ago

Ya u right on that as my self im cosplaying. Ichigo new look - sasuke and natsu dragneel. Like to meet other that cosplay ppl from those anime. But gen don't mine who u cosplay as just want to meet ppl :)

#3 Shadowhunteress on 6 years ago

I'll be cosplaying Lucy from Elfen Lied, Rolling Girl!Miku, Fem!Mario, and I've made a Princess Bubblegum outfit for the Adventure Time rave.

#4 PhantasmaJun on 6 years ago

I will be cosplaying hikaru shidou from magic knight rayearth and i am looking for anyone doing cosplay from clamp.

#5 Dnight on 6 years ago

Im going as natsu but dk what day

#6 Dnight on 6 years ago

u going all 3 day as them or a single day. if it a single day let me know what day il get set for that day couse i have 2 others im cosplaying as

#7 MotherSilver on 6 years ago

I'll be wearing Veran from LoZ Oracle of Ages all three days. My boyfriend is hoping to do Seto Kaiba if we can get all the pieces together in time.

#8 SkywardSong on 6 years ago

I'll be cosplaying Rin Okumura from Ao No Exorcist, and Aigis from Persona 3!

#9 Kitsune on 6 years ago

I'm still trying to decide on then whens and all the whats... but I do know that I've promised the AndrAIa and Matrix in the chess match that I'd wear Mouse, and a friend that I'd be Trunks when she cosplays Android 18. And I'd like to finish Ruby from The Path in time for Metro. Otherwise I need to find comfy costumes to wear while I work. XD

#10 Dnight on 6 years ago

SunakoChan il be doing natsu on sat thin hope to see u there

#11 Emi on 6 years ago

I'm going to be cosplaying Junko from Dangan Ronpa, Catherine from the game Catherine and God Tier Meulin from Homestuck.

#12 SanctusMalum on 6 years ago

I'm Going as Gold/Ethan/Hibiki from Pokemon, Spirit from Soul Eater, and England from Hetalia.

#13 animeperson223 on 6 years ago

Friday - Zombie!Stuck Dave Strider
Friday Rave(If I go): Fem Gary Oak Rave outfit
Saturday - Crocker Tier John Egbert
Saturday Rave(If I go): Fem Danny Phantom Rave outfit
Sunday - John Crocker (I'm bringing cupcakes for y'all :D)
So much Homestuck for me this year xD I was originally going to do some Vocaloid cosplays and maybe Zombie Dave, but it just happened xD

#14 Shadowhunteress on 6 years ago

I ended up having to switch out Rolling Girl!Miku for me with Just Be Friends!Luka :) I'm also trying to find a photographer going to the con that can get some shots of me in Lucy and also in Luka. So if anyone is willing to do that, please let me know! :D

#15 Araighne on 6 years ago

I will be bringing Super Sailor Chibi Moon, Natsu Soul Calibur V and Ty Lee from Avatar: TLA.

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