Easy CC Sakura outfits?

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#1 TMLiza on 5 years ago

So my youngest sister decided she wants to be Sakura for Halloween which is awesome and all but she wants to go all out, with the staff, Kero plush and cards. It's great and all but we're running into a snag with the outfit itself. The thing is, she has no idea which outfit she wants to cosplay but she knows she wants to do one where Sakura has the staff. The problem is, she is nine so she is at the age where she is still growing so I, personally, don't want to make one of Sakura's more complicated outfits since she won't even be able to wear it next year! So yeah, I know it is probably a long shot but is there any simple battle outfits? :/

#2 dragonflycos on 5 years ago

you can find almost all of sakura's outfit here

#3 TMLiza on 5 years ago

Thanks! That helps a lot!

#4 ichigo_m. on 5 years ago

I Think the easiest would be the Alice in Wonderland dress.
If you're worried about it not fitting in the future try shearing the back or making the back too big so you can tie it smaller.

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