Kryolan Ice Effect Question.

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#1 Akishira on 12 years ago

So I am very familiar with the Kryolan brand and I am a cosmetologist however I just found a type of Kryolan make up called Ice Effect. I could not find any information on it online however.

Does anyone in the business know if it is used for prosthetics or if it can be used on the skin? I am looking to use it for FFX Shiva.

Thanks so much!

#2 verdatum on 12 years ago

Yes, it is skin-safe. It's main ingredient "PVP/PA Copolymer" is a chemical commonly used in hair products and makeup fixitives. The other ingredients are just alcohol and pigments.

I'm not familiar with the character. What type of prosthetics were you hoping to make?

#3 Lady on 12 years ago

Does anyone in the business know if it is used for prosthetics or if it can be used on the skin? I am looking to use it for FFX Shiva.

Thanks so much![/QUOTE]

I've seen some photos of people with the Ice Effect makeup on. It's just that - makeup, and is intended for use on your skin, so you should be a-okay. I know there are photos at, but I can't find the user's gallery, so I'm linking to pics in her DA account


Hopefully that will give you an idea of how the makeup will end up looking!

#4 Akishira on 12 years ago

Thanks guys for the info and definitely the pictures! I haven't yet received the product to read the bottle or anything so I figured I'd ask here just to know if I would need to make some fake skin to put it on or not. ;3

The character I am doing is Shiva from FFX.

I am going to try and use the Ice Effect for her face and her chest. I will already be spray painting my body blue so hopefully we won't run into any conflicts. The paint is Kryolan so it should be fine. Would you recommend spraying fixer over the ice or would it be fine as is? I am not going to be making the ice part on her chest go over the costume, only cover my chest on the left side because I hand sequined the entire top. Way too pretty to cover up!

#5 Suzaku7NoMiko on 12 years ago

Theres another great makeup called IceFX which I have used... it can be found here:


the makeup consists of a clear gel adhesive and various size ice crystals and frost powder. It works great. (I think may have a photo in my halloween/haunted house section of what i have used it for.)

#6 verdatum on 12 years ago

Aha, well this sounds like exactly what you want then. There is no real benefit in applying fixing spray over the effect, as it basically is solidified fixing spray anyway.

I saw some illustrations where she had very large icesicles extending from her forearms, and was afraid you wanted to try to make them with it.

That iceFX sounds interesting as well.