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#1 Kukkii-san on 12 years ago

I just finished some on-site tutorials and I though I'd share them with everyone who'd like to make their own wigs, or (more likely) revamp existing wigs with custom-made extensions.

I'd love to have a thread to discuss these "advanced" techniques and post links to other tutorials that are scattered around cosplay.com and the net.

Here's my tutorial on [b]How to make your own wefts[/b] using a sewing machine:
(continues to the left)

And here's my tutorial on [b]How to make your own wig from scratch:[/b]
(continues to the left)

It shows the complete process of making a [b]Fran (Final Fantasy XII) wig[/b] including:
-preparing the wig undermesh
-sewing wefts to the undermesh to achieve special styles: very full hair; a high ponytail
-using foam core and stubbing a wig
-curling and styling hair using both the hot water method and a blow dryer

I'm afraid you'll have to browse through the photos if you're looking for just one of these methods, but they're all in there somewhere;)

An overview of my tutorials can be found in the "Work in Progress" album in my gallery:

I owe a lot to a tutorial posted by Gren, which taught me the basics of [b]wefting with a sewing machine.[/b]
I liked the method so much I decided to make an extensive tutorial with photos.

If you'd like to make [b]no-sew wefts[/b] using glue or caulk, Katie Bair has a tutorial on her site:

For further reading, here's a previous discussion on some wefting methods and the use of wefts:
And DLGR's tutorial on the [b]Stitch Witchery wefting method[/b] mentioned in that thread:

Here's another tutorial by sasha on how to [b]make wefts (involving glue) and attach them[/b] to a wig:

Feel free to post links to your own tutorials on other [b]wefting[/b] methods or [b]wig-making techniques[/b] or share your experience, comment on any of the methods used, or ask questions on the use of wefting and wig-making^^ I'm excited, as I'm rather new to this thing as well and this is the first wig I actually made from scratch, rather than just adding extensions to a base wig.

#2 ningyobaka on 12 years ago

still reading. but thought i'd add.

*grabs your face and kisses both cheeks* i love you. you are god.

#3 Gren on 12 years ago

Random note! I found out over time and practice (And just wefting too darn much hair) that if you make three lines of stitches before you first fold all the hair in half, it helps lock everything in place and REALLY cuts down on the hair trying to criss cross everywhere. The tutorial is fantastic, and your Fran wig looks just gorgeous! (<3!)

#4 Kukkii-san on 12 years ago

Thanks^^ And I owe a lot to you, Gren!

Actually, what I changed when adopting your wefting method is that I [b]stitch TWO lines[/b] prior to folding, which works wonders because it's a lot easier to fold the hair and netting [b]between[/b] the lines of stitching. And it also has the effect of keeping the hair from criss-crossing.

But I guess I'll try the three-line thing too, maybe it works even better^^

I found that in the end, on the finished weft, there should be about 5 lines of stitching (2 prior to folding the weft, 3 after) to get real sturdy wefts. I've made wefts with less, but the hair WILL slip easily. So I guess it's really worth the extra time.

I have to say that there's few hair styles out there that I'd actually consider MAKING a whole wig for. (Like the Sora / KH wigs in Gren's gallery, or my Fran wig.) It just takes forever... But I just couldn't imagine using a purchased wig for Fran's crazy hairstyle.

I love how you can create your own color blends, as plain colors tend to come out bad in photos, on actual people (especially party colors) and adding highlights in different colors to an existing wig is a pain and may not give you the result you were hoping for. I guess I just love to be in control of the whole process from the very start *lol*

Btw, I ended up using (almost) 5 packs of extensions in SN / white, a little more than one pack in 22 / lightest ash blonde, and part of one pack each in colors 24 and 12. The darker the color, the less fiber I added to the blend. I actually experimented with the right mix ratio quite a bit until I ended up using more and more white and just subtle highlights, though I think it's good to have clearly visible highlights especially in the ponytail and the portions of loose hair so the highlights will show up at all in photos. I found that very subtle highlights usually just get drowned in convention photos (especially when the photographer is using a flash.)

#5 trim on 12 years ago

There's still so much I have to learn about wig styling, but thank you so, so much for these tutorials. The wefting ones are especially helpful, particularly for those characters with visible hairlines.

#6 Terranell on 12 years ago

<3 This looks like it will be very helpful. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. ^^

#7 Hanyaan on 12 years ago

Oh, that is amazing! Thank you so much for the tutorial. It's really going to come in handy for some wigs I'll need in the future!

#8 starcat on 12 years ago

I love you for spreading the joy of sewn wefts - I myself never could get the hang of no-sew caulk wefts. :S

These are excellent tutorials. ^_^

#9 sasha on 12 years ago

Oh awesome! It's great to see a wig making and wefting thread. I recently got into it and it's surprisingly very fun and easy! I made a tutorial as well only my version is a bit different, it's on [URL="http://www.sasha-v.com/fc/info/tutorials/tut_extensions.html"]how to make your own generic extensions and adding them in[/URL]. I focused mine mainly on bangs but it's really fun and interesting to see all the different ways people can make them.

#10 Kukkii-san on 12 years ago

That's awesome, a method that combines no-sew and sewing techniques to make wefts! Thanks for contributing that! ^_^

Neither did I, but maybe it's just because I prefer thread & needle to glue in almost any part of my costumes;) I don't even own a hot-glue gun...
(Neko-miko, another German cosplayer, uses hot glue to make real quick no-sew wefts, btw.)

#11 xobrittuhox on 12 years ago

Can wefts be used to make ponytails? Or is there a different method for that?

#12 Annie-Mei on 12 years ago

yes, wefting can be used to make pony tails. the best tutorial is found at Katie Bairs website

First you need to know how to add in your extensions:

Then learn how to stub for your ponytails:

#13 xobrittuhox on 12 years ago

Thanks! Okay, one more question and I am done. I promise. Can home made extensions/wefts be dyed and washed?

#14 starcat on 12 years ago

They can be dyed. As for washed, I assume you mean like with the wig as a whole? Yes, I can't see why not. Just make sure you're gentle and don't comb or brush it while it's wet!

#15 xobrittuhox on 12 years ago

Thank you for the help. I guess as a whole. If it can be dyed then I guess it'd have to be washed sooner or later xD

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