Anyone from FFXIII?

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#1 weakestsoul on 7 years ago

I was just wondering who is going as any of the characters. I will be going as Serah and my Bf as Snow, and I would really love to get pictures of the rest of the crew. I am sure there will be many but I am just a little curious. <3

#2 Tranquility on 7 years ago

I'll most likely be wearing my Fang costume on Friday of the con. :D

#3 Midnight585 on 7 years ago

Ah, cant be of much help till next year ^^' But i hope you meet up with a bunch! Their was a good number last year, not overcrowding, but just about one of every character of the main group :] Have fun! Its so cute your doing snow and serah <3

#4 Dobbles on 7 years ago

At the last minute it turns out I can go to metro, and I'm bringing my vanille cosplay with me :D Not sure what days i'll wear it since i have another cosplay i'm bringing along, i'll probably be in vanille more often than my other cosplay though lol