Help Finding Esther Queen Pictures

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#1 Mariks_Dragon on 6 years ago

I'm want to make Esther's Queen dress. But I cant find any good pictures of it. Art book or anime is fine. Thanks

#2 Sunshine Kisses on 6 years ago

Here are some pictures. Hope I helped you^^

[URL=" Esther's Queen dress/destined2rock-cosplay/Esther_TrinityBlood001.jpg"]Picture 1[/URL]
[URL=""]Picture 2[/URL]
[URL=" Esther's Queen dress/VampiressKat/x1pxzZ39wV--_fDm80FL2p5tTFXE6smbICF.jpg"]Picture 3[/URL]
And last...
[URL=""]picture 4[/URL]

If this wasn't what you wanted I apologize. Good Luck!!

#3 myalchod on 6 years ago

Try Fey's [url=]Trinity Blood art Photobucket[/url] -- the password is THORES.

#4 FeyMeggan on 6 years ago

LOL yeah, that thing that myalchod linked to. Specially if you're not referring to the white version, but rather the black version(there's also a blue version, I should look and see if that's in the gallery...)