Tail tutorial. (Mainly wolf tails.)

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#1 Samansa-chan on 14 years ago

HAI!! Alright I shall get right down to buisness. This is a basic tail tutorial, though mainly for wolf tails. Although You could maybe apply it to other kinds of tails? ..........Ne. OI! Anyway, here is a picture of how mine came out. I do favor it. And if you do it right then it's perfect for everyday wear too! (Like me but I can't take mine off. I superglued it on. Ahaha. ^_^; )


SO! What I did was I looked online, buying a rectangle of fabrc with fake fur. (I couldn't possibly wear real wolf fur. It costs too much!) Mine was completely black on one side with fur on the other. Now once you get ahold of a rectangle of fur then the rest is easy. You'll also need a few needles and lots of thred. A pair of scissors can't hurt if you mess up. Basically you make a half fold on each side, long way. Like fold the two long sides to meet in the middle. Then, if you was then you can put polyester batting in the folds to make it look less flat. BUT. That is optional. No wires or such is needed since if you just let it hang loose it looks more real! You don't see any wolves with their tail sticking out straight, or even anime characters for that matter. Basically you sew the ends to the middle, making sure that you pull the fur out from under the stiching each time. When done correctly the stiching should be completely invisible. Now. For attachment and removal.

I sewed one end of my tail to a sash, so that way I either runt he sash through the belt loops of my pants or just wear it without the support of my pants. Make sure the sash is a bit longer so the ends reach at least your knees. Not only does it look good, but you can run the loose ends of the sash back through the belt loops of your pants so nobody knows it's there. Cover it with your shirt.

#2 Nachoman on 14 years ago

I would say that a steel cable would make it look more natural. Say, 1/8 inch cable if you want the tip frankly sticking out, and 1/16 inch cable if you want the tail if you only want a very slight curl up.
Of course, remember to straighten up the steel cable before starting. You just need to carefully bent it against its natural curl, and once it's straight enough, stick it under your mattress a couple of days. For a better control of the 1/8 cable, add a few fishing weights on the lower tip and about two thirds the way down. Finish the cable with come good rubberizing on its tips, like a good goop of kitchen or window silicone sealant; otherwise, the cable WILL eventually poke its way through the fur.

I speak from experience. My 'bug' for my Neg-Skuld costume has eight legs made through a slightly more detailed technique (like stuffing them like teddy bear arms ratter than making them 'solid' fur). I just wish I had thought about the silicone before one of the cables started showing.

I just hope you can still see that costume in my gallery, though. The photo mod seems to think that while Lums, Lupimiras and Nagas are cool, a guy showing full leg is immoral.

#3 Rhapsodey on 13 years ago

While it is a good idea to use wire just incase you want to bend the tail in any kind of way, this is going to be really helpful. I just hope it works for cat tails. ._.

Anyway, thanks!

#4 butterflywings2 on 12 years ago

What kind of stores can you get fake fur at? I have some socks sewn together and i want to put fake fur on it. Oh i filled the socks with whatever i got my hands on.

#5 jvamp13 on 12 years ago

[QUOTE=Naruto_Fox;2579805]How in the world could I make a fox tail with this tutorial? TT_TT im so lost...[/QUOTE]

try to find mostly orangeish fur and white fur, cut the white fur into sort of a triange,then sew the white fur to the orange rectangleand fold it in half and sew it together.

#6 Color-hime on 11 years ago

This is awesome! I'm planning on making a tail for my sexy no jutsu Naruto cosplay! Very helpful! ^^

#7 Darazan on 11 years ago

Question: could you take a real fox or wolf tail and put the wire in it to work the same? I have real fox tails that I bought at the Renaissance Faires that I do (they're taken humanely, no worries, and they only cost about $12 for a tail that goes to my knees from my back belt loop). I find that the wire is rather unneccessary with them, since they move pretty wonderfully all on their own, but if you want to pose them, then you'll need the wire I guess.

#8 Wildshadow on 10 years ago

any idea how to make the end look flared and jagged like a zigzagoon tail, but not totally flat?

#9 WassupKiba on 10 years ago

Hair spray :D sew it like normal but slightly hairspray(or watered down glue if you want it to last forever) and shape it like you want. Spray it again and hang it to dry

#10 Violet Lilith on 10 years ago

Im trying to cosplay the character Mimi from bleedmans comic, Grim Tail from down below, but im finding it difficult to come up with ideas for her tail, I'd prefer it move, but would be ok if it didnt. I was thinking about somehow using the concept of the moving wooden snake they sell at theme parks. Perhaps using Styrofoam and sewing a small rope through the middle, but that's still a pretty rough idea, not to mention how i would paint it or cover it with fabric and still have it look good. Any Suggestions?

Here's a pic of Mimi

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