dot Hackers UNITE~! (or group?)

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#1 konataFTW on 11 years ago

[b]You've Got Mail~![/b]

Hellooooo guys XD are there any dot hackers out there willing to take pics? :D if so, join our Union muwahaha XD yeah we're now a gathering~!

Day: hopefully Friday (or TBA) 2010~!
Time: TBA
Location: Fountains Marriot Side

[b]So here are our attendies:[/b]

-------------+++++Count: 11?+++++--------------

[U][url=]Atoli[/url][/U]: [Kiara004's]
[U][url=]Azure Kite[/url][/u]: [Maguma]
[url=]Azure Flame God[/url]: [Maguma]
[Url=]Endrance[/Url]: [Kiara004's]
[url=]Haseo[/url]: [chaos-shadow*first form*], [Kiara004's*xth form*], extensiveillusion, Pretty_Sammy
[Url=]Kuhn[/Url]: Kiara004, Deadlywings
[url=]Saku(Bo)[/url]: konataFTW
[url=](Saku)Bo[/url]: PrincessDominique6309
[url=]Shino[/url]: [Pei]
[url=]Zelkova[/url]: [DualTsumi]

Legend: *=Variant, [maybe], ?=or

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

#2 on 11 years ago

We haven't even made plans or even know if we're making it to Fanime 2010 and you've got us listed, lolol.

But yes, I would love to have my completed Haseo by then. <3

#3 konataFTW on 11 years ago

that's why I put you guys as maybes :P

#4 Maguma on 11 years ago

if by some miracle i fix azure kite or get azure flame god done then we'll see

#5 konataFTW on 11 years ago

oh wow... I wanna see Azure flame god lol... I'll put you down as a maybe :P

#6 Kiara004 on 11 years ago

I'm gathering this is the gathering for 2010, right? If so, put me down as Kuhn. I was going to be him this year, but there was no time to finish the costume. I'll be Kuhn for sure, and there MIGHT be a Haseo (xth form), Endrance and Atoli with me. Depends on if I can get those costumes done. But Kuhn for sure. ^_^ Thanks for starting this thread, I hope we get more people!

#7 konataFTW on 11 years ago

Yep this is for 2010~! WOW a Kuhn... I haven't seen one yet x3 (Blue hair XD)... I also put your friends as maybe's ^_^

and np ^___^b dothack needs love <3

#8 Kiara004 on 11 years ago

Yeah, the only Kuhn I've seen is the one here on There hasn't been one at a con around here. I love doing rare characters, so this should be fun! I cringe at the long wig though. They don't tend to like me much...

I'll be sure to update you on the status of my friends when I know for sure if they're attending or not.

#9 konataFTW on 11 years ago

ok then^^ (my SakuBo cosplay is being commisioned... now the shoes, hats, backpacks, and props of doom T_T)

updated with pics of the chars^^

#10 Pretty Sammy on 11 years ago

I'll be there in some capacity! Errr...for now put me down as a Haseo. I'm not sure what I'll wear, but I can never ditch a .hack gathering!

#11 konataFTW on 11 years ago

Okies~! More Hack love <3

#12 Deadlywings on 10 years ago

lol, I might have my Kuhn done by Fanime. I'm shocked to see someone else is planning a Kuhn. Yay! More cosplayers suffering with Kuhn cosplay. It's tough making .hack cosplays. So, hopefully it will be done by this years Fanime. I'm crossing my fingers.

#13 konataFTW on 10 years ago

yay^^ added

#14 konataFTW on 10 years ago

to those who are coming, the gathering will hopefully changed to 6pm because of school >_<

(it's currently listed as 2:30)

#15 Sunao-chan on 10 years ago

I'll be bringing my Shino cosplay (game version)