Boston Cosplay Beach Gathering 2009

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#1 Starlightslk on 9 years ago

Since it's summer out again, and the past few years we have had much fun going to the beach let's do it again! :bigtu:

I suggest August 8, in keeping with most previous years when Otakon was in July like it is this year... :thumbsup: In fact this date dosen't interfere with any of the area summer cons. ^^

Are people still wanting Revere Beach or should we maybe pick a new less polluted beach so that we might actually have a chance of being able to swim? Ideas?
Stuff that's Gonna Stay the Same[/U]:
Fun in the sun & silly antics
Cosplay beach gear highly encouraged not madatory
Yummy ice-cream from somewhere around (don't forget ice-cream monnies :p)
Pot-luck style on the beach (maybe gettin a grill going finally? if people are up for it)

#2 KinkyxXxWaffles on 9 years ago

I like Nantasket and White Horse.
Nantasket would be paticularly nice considering there's tons of stuff to do around.

#3 Crystal Clover on 9 years ago

I like Nantasket too (its really close to where i live) but i don't think its accessible by public transportation.

#4 Crazy Flower on 9 years ago

It's possible, but people may have to get a bus from Quincy or Greenbush.

I believe I'm not doing anything August 8. That date sounds good for me.

#5 GorgeousAstro on 9 years ago

I don't know how it works from the Greenbush line, but in order to get to Nantasket Beach from Quincy, one must take a bus to Hingham, and then catch a shuttle bus that runs something close to every hour for only a certain portion of the day. So miss the bus = sleep on the beach.

#6 Crystal Clover on 9 years ago

OOh i didnt know the greenbush line went to nantasket. Theres a greenbush line walking distance from my house. I've never been on it since its a commuter line and generally more expensive and run less often than the subway. I usually end up taking the bus into quincy and catching the train there.

#7 l o l i t a on 9 years ago

[FONT="Times New Roman"]xD I may go if it's at Nantasket, since that's just around the corner from my studio.[/FONT]

#8 stardust462 on 9 years ago

I probably won't be able to make it. I think I might be moving that day or unpacking or settling in or some other aspect of the moving process.

I hope everyone has fun :)

#9 Koto Heartilly on 9 years ago

Sounds like jolly good fun!
Given I don't have beach cosplay attire. Which makes me wish I'd done a bathing suit version of Aeris or something.
Maybe I'll ghetto something.
A bathing suit Kamikirimusi from Soul Calibur IV, perhaps?
Depending on the date, I'd love to attend!
Nantasket doesn't seem unmanageable. I can find my way there.

#10 Gale on 9 years ago

I don't know if I'd be able to make it, as that's the weekend following Connecticon. We may be having a staff party the same day. I'll have a better idea later on, though.

In terms of costumes, I'd probably just bring Misa again, unless I come up with something else between now and then. Aeris's bracelets are suffering from their many trips to the beach and I'd rather not ruin them farther =/