Left 4 Dead Hunter cosplay. help?

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#1 KandiAddictionx on 9 years ago

So I've reconsidered my cosplay for my next con, which is in November.
I've decided that I'm gonna try to cosplay as a Hunter this year.
I pretty much have the outfit, but I'm kinda unsure about the make up/face paint (whatever you want to call it) :confused:
Like what kinds are best for your skin =/ thats my main issue, because I'd really like to go to the con and not come back with a reaction to again or my skin look all broken out and such..

If anybody has any ideas that can help me out, please let me know!


#2 Moennet on 9 years ago

Ah... I just replied to another hunter cosplay a day or to ago.
Here is what I posted then:
Boots: get some blue-grey boots and sandpaper the hell out of them.
Ductape: dull colored medium sized ductape, paint brown and black with crappy brush (delude paint with some water, you just want to tint it).
hoodie: lighter blue-grey hoodie lots of dirt and things that stain fabric.
Pants: (I'd make the pants so they're how you want them) brown pants and more things that stain fabric.
Blood spatters: cranberry juice and cherry jello might work.
Skintone: Buy REALLY light makeup (mabey kinda blu-ish)
Fangs: [url]https://www.vampfangs.com/Dental_Distortions_s/33.htm[/url]
Facial hair: My sis says thats 10:00 shadow.
Nails: (I'd go to a salon with screenshots of the nails, make sure you get some one who's good at painting nails).
Hope this helps you out. ^o^

#3 NinjaSquirrel on 9 years ago

For makeup, and as I recommended before, try:


they have everything you need to know for health issues too. There are also some videos that could help you apply it correctly, and they're really amazing. Its so detailed in everything you need to know like how to apply it, what you should use, what you shouldn't use in certain areas for certain colors for health issues, etc. Also they can answer many different questions if you have any. Really recommend them, and if you have or plan to use them on nails, remember to have nail polish remover, i had to learn it the hard and long way lol. They stain you nails like crazy.

#4 KratosSamurai2 on 8 years ago

I used a couple cheap tubes of cream makeup I found at Walgreens around Halloween with moderate success. Once it dried, it didn't rub off too much except around my mouth. I kind of lucked out for genetics in the skin department, so I don't know if the stuff would cause breakouts on most people.
I found some spray-on fabric paint that I used for bloodstains on the hoodie with newspaper as a rough stencil.

I didn't really get to any heavy duty soiling of the whole outfit, but you can see how the blood and makeup bits turned out in my gallery.

#5 PockyDragon on 8 years ago

I used some cheap makeup I got from my local costume shop. It was called 'zombie flesh' so pretty easy lol..seemed to work just fine.
Dont wrap the ductape tight on your arms 'n legs either! Just put them on loosely so you can take off your clothes when your done lol. You can also use sandpaper on duct tape and cover the abrasions in mascara.