Rurouni Kenshin 2010!!

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#16 Kaoru the Vamp on 9 years ago


#17 Shinsengumi on 9 years ago

Hello there

#18 Shinsengumi on 9 years ago

I'll still be watching you Battousai XD. See ya at fanime.

#19 Kaoru the Vamp on 9 years ago

See you guys on Sunday :D

#20 Okitasan on 9 years ago

Aww, I'd like to wear my Soujirou costume, but I don't have it with me :( I'll definitely try to show up to shoot some photos of you guys. There's not enough Kenshin cosplay these days!

#21 allyunion on 9 years ago

Sorry, I will not be present as Yahiko this year. The reasons are logistical... I can't bring a shinai on to the plane.