Final Fantasy Dissidia

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#1 Lady Muramasa on 10 years ago

I searched and couldn't find any threads about FF Dissidia, one stands now.
Anyone doing Dissidia cosplay next year or in the future? Your favorite character from Dissidia?
I've seen some Squalls and Zidanes, Sephiroth sports new fancy armor as well, and MY FAVORITE BRAT EMPEROR returns! A SQUEEnix fighting game? Hmmm, must try it out.
Any way, I want to do Mateus in the future now that he has a much clearer picture out of himself.....just need to decide which version to go with.

Have at it............

#2 ~FatalDreams~ on 10 years ago

*waves hands frantically*

I'm doing a Dissidia Sephiroth cosplay for the NY COmicCon in February. I can not WAIT to debut it.

#3 Michi on 10 years ago

Whenever I finally remake Kuja, I'll be incorporating some Dissidia design elements into it. :)

#4 Tenucha on 10 years ago

I look forward to Michi's Kuja revamp! :D

... I'm not sure there is anyone in the Final Fantasy world, especially Dissidia I would fit well as

#5 Sephirayne on 10 years ago

I'll be adding Sephiroth's Dissidia design to my long list of cosplays for next year. Not sure when next year yet.

I was also tempted by the Warrior of Light but not sure if I have the budget for that much armour.

#6 ~FatalDreams~ on 10 years ago

For some odd reason, the Emperor is tempting me to. But that won't be for a LONG while, like MAYBE 2010.

#7 MagicNein on 10 years ago

I want to attempt Kefka's Dissidia look. It's Joker-ish, which is neat, and it's also made of pure awesome.

I'm not sure what materials I would need, or where I would get the huge amount of Time I'll need. I would, however, love to have it finished by Next Halloween. I want to come back and visit my old Theatre class and yell at them while in costume.

#8 NiGHTmaren on 10 years ago

I'm planning Zidane, and my boyfriend will be my Kuja. Really excited about these costumes! Dissidia added in more details, and I just love details.

#9 Kuromi on 10 years ago

I'm planning to make Terra for my sister. =)

#10 Lady Muramasa on 10 years ago

[QUOTE=~FatalDreams~;2706567]For some odd reason, the Emperor is tempting me to. But that won't be for a LONG while, like MAYBE 2010.[/QUOTE]

A looooong time indeed. I love Mateus the brat Emperor, I'm worried about his horns the most (running them into walls, or, actually his high heels...eeep...
Wearing them for a few minutes make my feet cry, but a whole con? I must admire those whom wear heels the whole con....

I see Cloud Strife is now a character.....funny, is he wearing Zacks 1rst class clothing?? Or is he wearing black, it's good to see they kept his old FFVII outfit, but changed the color to black/ or navy.

Tenucha, I wouldn't jump to those conclusions just yet, they are still adding more characters from the other games so you may be in luck, maybe even doing a Cloud?? Who knows.

Can;t wait to see everyone's costumes in the future.

#11 Kazephyr on 10 years ago

When I first saw some artwork of Cosmos, I fell in love... I must do that outfit. ^^;; I also love Kuja and Kefca's designs, so they're possibilities, too. ^^ Oh, and maybe Terra, depending on what her design turns out to look like. ^^

#12 Quantum9 on 10 years ago

I'm actually planning on Bartz sometime down the road. I've been looking for an excuse to do him for a while, and now that people will actually know who he is, it's as good a time as any.

#13 A19Riku on 10 years ago

AHHHH do want so many costumes from this game. So far I really want to do The warrior of light and Firion and I kinda want to do tidus :)

Oh and I already finished Zidane's dissidia costume

#14 mirrorsaber on 10 years ago

I want to cosplay Cecil's outfit one day but thats beyond my skills and I have no clue on how to make his outfit (one of the reasons why the Amaro version of the outfit I never did complete, too hard). Zidane's as well.

#15 Yuffie/cosplay on 10 years ago

Anyone know the release date for Final Fantasy Dissidia is?

I wanna cosplay as kuja!