White 3300 Embroidery Machine?

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#1 Mykaios on 7 years ago

Edit: Picked up a Brother SE-400 instead.

#2 dizzymonochrome on 7 years ago

Looks like you haven't gotten a useful reply yet.

I haven't heard of this brand/machine, but from a quick Google search, looks like it's one the kinds with pattern cards you insert? I'm not really keen on those, because they seem very limited and outdated. I'm wondering if you're asking this because you found a secondhand one for cheap. You didn't provide any context for the question. Anyway, I prefer USB machines that you can plug into a computer, or that you can directly plug a USB stick into because there are lots of fun, adorable, cool designs you can buy online. (urbanthreads.com is my favourite)

I'd suggest looking at the embroidery machine threads and info at craftster.org to start your research. There's a lot to know before you make a decision. Embroidery machines are a whole other beast from regular sewing machines. I love mine, but I spent a lot of time researching online, and a whole day testing machines before I decided.

Hope that helps.

#3 pctwgirl on 6 years ago

I used to own a White 3300 embroidery machine and really liked it. It came with a Disney card and some preloaded designs and fonts. I purchased a device that allowed me to download designs from the internet to a blank card and was very happy with it. The device was about $100 and the card was also about $100. I bought the White machine at Joann's for $500. It is nice to have a machine that uses USB for downloading designs. I now have a Brother PE780D which uses USB or a card. It was $1000. Go with whatever you can afford you can always upgrade later. Good luck.:)

#4 deyoung66 on 4 years ago

Do you still have the adpater? Or do you know where to purchase the adapter/reader that you can download the patterns to, and the blank disk?

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