Grell's appeal!?

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#1 LoveofCountry on 7 years ago

From all the hard work I've seen people put into Grell Suttcliff cosplays and the frequency that I've seen people cosplay Grell in general I was expecting he/she to be quite something comparable to Heath Ledger's Joker or L from Death Note, but right now I'm 5 episodes into Black Butler and I find Grell borderline annoying and cliche as far as flamboyant anime characters go.

So I gotta ask, what's Grell's appeal to people?

#2 Seority on 7 years ago

[FONT="Century Gothic"]I have no clue really.
Maybe cuz he's the "silly" one of the group? I'm not into older men&little boy fetishes either, so I'm probably biased on this.[/FONT]

#3 Mesoian on 7 years ago

He's pretty.

That's all most fangirls need.

#4 Jei-Cos on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=Mesoian;4326579]He's pretty.

That's all most fangirls need.[/QUOTE]

thats kinda what i thought..

#5 Spiritwalker on 7 years ago

I don't particulary like Grell more than other characters of the show or anime characters in general, but he's pretty funny.

I didn't spoil myself ahead of time so when he did a complete 180 and went from a meek guy who bungles everything to a flamboyant shark toothed Shinigami in high heels with a chainsaw instead of a scythe, I laughed quite loudly. Outrageous characters like that tend to gather a fanbase. I don't find much stereotypical about him, to be honest. I've seen characters similar to him, but they are hardly common and rarely on the side of evil. Or is the good side? Sebastian is the devil guy...

#6 kosakuitaly on 7 years ago

Well the anime is EPIC and Grell is so funny but he can be annoying. XD (yush grell is a guy so he is just gay)

#7 Mehdia on 7 years ago

I'm not a fan of the anime at all, but a huge fan of the manga. Like stated before, Grell is pretty, so that's all some fans need. And the fact that he's all googly-eyed over Sebastian of course works for a lot of people too (I'm not opposed to yaoi in the least, but I don't care for any of it in Sebastian and Grell and certainly no Sebastian and Ciel...eww). But overall, Grell is a standout character in the series who has a pretty cool look, so naturally people flock to him. I like him as a character, but if I knew someone that actually acted like him, I would probably hate them. It's just one of those things.

#8 Neelh on 7 years ago

I don't know. He's just... Amazing...

Plus he has big teeth and bright red hair and wants to be a girl.

#9 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 7 years ago

You can't not love Grell because he's out there and in your face. I think people that can appreciate a character that is that fearless in the face of Victorian conformity. You can't help but laugh and cheer him on like the blood peacock he is.

Plus Kuroshitsuji has a HUGE fan base in general so you will see a lot of cosplays from it. I mean I've done two myself.

#10 kuroki-neko on 7 years ago

when i first saw grell it was a female cosplayer and i thought grell was female, i tried watching black butler it just wasn't my cup of tea. i was a little let down that grell was male.