Soarin' from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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#1 Kisamesensei09 on 6 years ago

I would like to make the wonderbolt Soarin' from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I have no idea where to start and I would like some where could I get a cheap blue flight suit, or how to make on, and how to make a set of pony ears and his wings, and how to make his tail. Every little bit helps, and I thank all who give me some advice! :spinner:

#2 RobbieRenegade on 6 years ago

Well, if you wanna do a flight suit just google for the nearest military surplus store. I leave near an airforce base so they tend to have a lot of flightsuits, though they tend to be green. Personally, and this is just me, i'd say find a blue morph suit (they run like $30) and find a way to get the yellow bolts to stick, how i'm not sure. As for the goggles you could just find some steampunkish ones and use a yellow strap. Wings you could make but it would take time, same with the tail

#3 Kisamesensei09 on 6 years ago

This is a big help, ill look up the morph suit! As for the wings and tail I have until next january to finish it so I have plenty of time. Glad somebrony could help me out!

#4 RobbieRenegade on 6 years ago

hey bronies gotta stick together

#5 Kisamesensei09 on 6 years ago

Hi -Hoof /)(\!

#6 vervv on 6 years ago

If you don't want to work with a morphsuit, a plain blue jumpsuit would work as well. Maybe something along these lines? [url][/url]
Searching "blue flight suit" will get you multiple options. You could easily add yellow accents to any of these :)

As far as a cutie mark goes, I always recommend patches because they are 1) easy to adjust if you sew them crookedly, 2) removable/reusable if you want to make an updated version of the costume, and 3) add a more professional touch to the cosplay. Here are my two favorite Wonderbolt patches:

A wig that is shaggy and could be lightly spiked would be good for Soarin', I think. Arda wigs offers both spiky/shaggy wigs and ponytail clips in the same or similar shades. I think "midnight blue" looks to closest. If you get a ponytail clip it may be possible for you to attach it to the back of your suit for the tail. Less work :)

Good luck! :)

#7 Kisamesensei09 on 6 years ago

Have you found any other sizes other than large? I'm kind of a big and tall guy...but I looked at the patches and I'm pretty amazed at how awesome sauce they are! You have been a great help and I appreciate it! Thanks loads :-)

#8 vervv on 6 years ago

Maybe one of these two would be better suited?


A Google search for "blue flight suit" will bring you several different options in various shades of blue. Good luck! :)

#9 vervv on 6 years ago

Oh, and one last thing! :)


#10 itsjustsloane on 6 years ago

For the tail: buy a clip-on extension, like a ponytail, and just clip it to a belt on your costume.
Wings: how I would do it is make 6 difference pieces out of cardboard (if you want them to have a cartoony look), all the same shape but different size. 2 big, 2 medium, 2 small. Paint them (base a blue the color of Soarin's body, outline in his outline color, just like in the show), and stick the medium on top of the big, and the small on top of the medium. I don't know how you would want to attach them to your costume, though. If you want more realistic, I suggest artificial feathers, maybe?
Ears: I've actually seen some made of resin, painted, and attached to a clear elastic string, and they look AWESOME. How you would go about doing this, I don't know, but it is possible. Maybe search up tutorials on resin?