Mini Con?

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#1 sanriah on 7 years ago

I saw a post about this on some NDK forums and was thinking about going? I believe this is their first one but it should be amusing and its free and I have a friend that lives near there so why not. Anyone heard anything about it?


#2 Shanihime on 7 years ago

Glad you asked. :) It's a free one day convention in Longmont that will host panels, special guests, a masquerade fashion show, an artists alley, anime screening and more. The special guests are the World Cosplay Summit's Team USA 2011; Ashe and Ali through a live video feed. What else did you want to know?

#3 sanriah on 7 years ago

No that covers it :) sounds like fun! I love NDK but it'll be nice just to have something to go to where you don't have to wait half the day in one line just to see one thing, last year was so crowded!!

#4 Shanihime on 7 years ago

We've heard that a lot! Lol. It should be a lot of fun. I'm glad we'll see you there. :)