Cosplaying as someone that no one might know

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#1 Rockaholicz753 on 5 years ago

I'm nervous about cosplaying as Iris West II Kid Flash ([url][/url]) for Khaotic Kon and no one knowing who I'm suposed to be. Expecially since it's more of an anime convention than anything else and she's not a really well known character either...

I don't know, am I just being stupid? :lost:

#2 AnnaJieJie on 5 years ago

Who cares if anyone knows who you are or not? As long as you have fun wearing your cosplay, that's what matters! And people may still like the outfit even if they don't recognize it. My friend cosplays as a super obscure video game character, and she gets stopped for photos all the time because she rocks it so well.

So my advice is to not worry and just go for it!

#3 Holygamer99 on 5 years ago

I'm planning on doing the same thing for my first convention at Anime Boston. I'm going as a somewhat obscure hero Ratman from the manga of the same name. It's not been made into an anime or anything else as far as I know, and there aren't that many color pictures of him on the web. However, I'm really looking forward to cosplaying him and hoping that someone might recognize him.

#4 Reily96 on 5 years ago

When I went dressed as Melfina of Outlaw Star to a festival in the Japanese Gardens, a whopping three people recognized me. Three out 5000 people actually went out of their way to tell me that they recognized the character, one of which congratulated me for being "retro," and for the most part, my cosplay was paid no attention to.

Did I care? Not really. Sure, I have to admit I was a bit disappointed my cosplay was considered retro, but you know what? The three people who did recognize me? I friggin made their day. And they were really happy. And you know what? Even if no one at all had called me out and recongnized me, I would've enjoyed it anyways. Because when we get into our costumes and go out, we do so to have fun! Remember cosplay stands for "costume play!" The fact that anyone recognizes our characters is just icing on the cake!

#5 Altrus on 5 years ago

I'm with AnnaJieJie. Who cares if people don't recognize you! Cosplay the character because you want to. I've cosplayed an OC before, and there was ZERO chance of people recognizing me, and it was still super fun.

#6 Blue Leader on 5 years ago

More often than not all I cosplay as are characters very few people recognize. It doesn't really bother me as I'm only doing it for my own fun.
For example, my Star Wars B-wing pilot? Pretty much no one bad uber hardcore Star Wars fans recognize it. I'm also planning a J from Heat Guy J, and it's unlikely many people will recognize the character (it seems to be a series that didn't get a lot of attention in the US). I'm also planning, down the right, a Conductor costume from Galaxy Express 999, but because the series is so old it wouldn't surprise me if people don't recognize the character.

#7 ghosgreen on 5 years ago

Yeah I've done my fair share of pretty obscure and not the most recognizable characters but I can tell you now from experience when you meet someone that does know who you are it is more gratifying especially when it's someone that is genuinely stoked to see you. I wore The Shadow to a Japanese festival essentially. The two people did recognize me were totally stoked to see me. So you know you have a costume that might not be easily recognized so you know what to expect. Just have fun at the convention and have fun wearing your costume. Myself and like everyone else that replied we enjoyed wearing our costumes and that's what counts.

#8 jukebox on 5 years ago

I'm not gonna lie, it can be a little bit depressing if you're put serious work into a costume and nobody knows what it even is. I was in a Disney group at one point and chose to be the Blue Fairy because I needed something I could make in 2 weeks. I wore it at FanExpo and even a lot of the attendees with LITTLE KIDS were scratching their heads about who I was. Despite big sparkly wings and a Jiminy Cricket sitting on my shoulder. I kid you not.

I've also done fairly obscure/niche characters from comic books and sometimes I get into conversations with other people who are fans and sometimes I have to awkwardly explain to people what I'm doing. It's all a crapshoot.

There's a niche for everything so chances are, one day someone will see it and really enjoy your work! Sometimes, people might even just stop you because you look cool and not even know who you are but appreciate your craftsmanship. We're all hard workers here for the most part, so wanting to receive recognition and some "cred" from an audience of our peers is an understandable thing. But at the end of the day, it 's not the worst thing in the world if you don't get a lot of people realizing who you are. If you were having a ball to begin with, don't let the obscurity of your character ruin your day, and if you were having a crappy time to begin with, it was probably for reasons bigger than nobody knowing your character. So basically, it's small potatoes.

#9 epicserendipity on 5 years ago

Hardly anyone knew who I was when I cosplayed as Mirai Ozora from "Moldiver." Except this one shy, short asian guy who stopped me from across a couple of booths in the dealers haul proclaiming --as best he could--that I was fulfilling his high school fantasy, and that he loved this short series. I wasn't upset, or creeped out. He didn't have that kind of vibe. So, I let him take a picture with me, and at the last minute, feigned a kiss on his cheek so he could have something cool to remember from that picture. He thanked me profusely --always being polite the whole time-- and bounced away.

He was the only guy at the convention who recognized me. (that I know of.) My friend who was walking with me at the time was the ADR director for "Moldiver." He thought that little moment was hilarious.

So, if no one recognizes you, so what? Just do it. You never know.

#10 Tangledinblue on 5 years ago

If you like the character then you should just go for it. Cosplay only for yourself and no one else. Plus who knows, maybe you will get recognized by someone and it will make their day. ( which in my opinion is even better then like 100 people recognizing you). But in the end, cosplaying a character for the only purpose of people recognizing you, I don't get it. Like I said just cosplay the character for yourself.

#11 Dollicon on 5 years ago

If you want lots of attention, sure, cosplay as something that everyone knows about. Although, with all the lightning bolts and the general outfit/popularity of the comic, I don't think you'll have trouble finding people who recognize you. People might not recognize you as "Kid Flash" but instead a "genderbent Flash?" idk, I don't read DC comics.

I had an experience cosplaying at a small event where the first person who "recognized me" actually thought I was a different character than I was and I was dreading that experience the whole time (first time I cosplayed in public). Turns out it didn't bother me as much as I thought because I was having too much fun -- I thanked her anyway and she went on her way. I wasn't expecting many people to recognize me at all because it was from a comic I read ages ago and it was a minor character, which makes me think of another point -- people might stop you a lot of you're a character they know. If you're afraid people won't recognize you, just think instead "Hey, people aren't going to be stopping me for pictures as often, that gives me loads more time to do the things I'd like to do at the con"

#12 Shana05 on 5 years ago

If you really want to do that character go ahead. Although personally, I prefer to cosplay well-known characters because it's more fun to get recognized. When I was cosplayed Shana, very few people knew who I was and I ended up being sort of lonely.

#13 Clockwork_Ducky on 5 years ago

I'm in the same spot with one of my upcoming costumes, mostly because it's from a book, and she's described in 6 different outfits over the series. However - I find the character to be fascinating, and I'm cow playing her for my own sake, and because the costume I've designed for her is a challenge I look forward to. If people manage to recognize me, that's awesome, if not, I intend to rock my obscure costume.

I'm going to echo what others have said - if you like the character, and like the costume - go for it. If you have other people who are going to the con with you, see if they are interesting in coordinating costumes? I know I'm relying on that for the above mentioned costume (quite heavily). But really, do the costume, have an awesome time, and if someone recognizes you, it's just icing on the cake. I can't say I would recognize the exact costume you linked (I'm not as well versed on comics as I would like to be), but I'm fairly certain I'd stop you for a photo, because its one I've never seen done before, and its a pretty spiffy looking outfit :)

#14 Tigress on 5 years ago

I love cosplaying as Fujiko, but it gets frustrating that no one recognizes me unless I'm on the arm of a Lupin (or wearing a leather catsuit).

But I can walk outside of the convention without people looking at me weird and sometimes get hit on because I look good. So it all balances out. >^_~<

#15 rajamitsu on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=Reily96;4601706]Did I care? Not really. Sure, I have to admit I was a bit disappointed my cosplay was considered retro, but you know what? The three people who did recognize me? I friggin made their day. And they were really happy. And you know what? Even if no one at all had called me out and recongnized me, I would've enjoyed it anyways. Because when we get into our costumes and go out, we do so to have fun! Remember cosplay stands for "costume play!" The fact that anyone recognizes our characters is just icing on the cake![/QUOTE]


It's one of those YMMV things, but I personally find it more rewarding myself when someone recognizes one of my obscure costumes over the popular ones. They're excited to see it and I'm excited to get recognized.