Pokemon 2013

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#1 violetlights on 5 years ago

Hey guys! I was just wondering who's planning on cosplaying from Pokemon this year?

I will be cosplaying Blue from the manga on Friday, and a Sylveon gijinka on Saturday and Sunday c:

Friday: 2pm, Fourth Floor
Saturday: 11am, Third Floor Terrace
Sunday: 11am, Fourth Floor

#2 MeilinII on 5 years ago

Also, possible Pikachu one day.

#3 BouncyBat on 5 years ago

I'll be bringing my zubat suit and Nidorina suit. I may end up wearing one for half the day and the other for the other half.

#4 chrono4281 on 5 years ago

Cynthia or Elesa

#5 solstis on 5 years ago

If I can get a group I might do Eevee again or Sylveon gijinkas.

Other wise theres a lot of Other pokemon I want to try gijinka for XD

#6 Fong on 5 years ago

Hey guys, I'm actually directing a cosplay fan video centered around the pokemon franchise.

I'm arranging a flash-mob of sorts for a few scenes of the video and could use some help.

Anyone interested (I'd like to have a group of 50+ people, ideally) can PM me (or if that's full) message me on facebook :-)

[url]http://www.facebook.com/SarahFongCosplay[/url] (<---- here)

You'd be guaranteed to be featured in the pokemon video I'm posting. I'm also interested in getting some solo shots of cosplayers.


#7 solstis on 5 years ago

Sorry but a flashmob at Otakon is asking for trouble... I'm pretty sure that would go against the disruptive behavior policy as well. Unless it's not actually in the con. center. just thought I'd toss that info out there because other people have tired in the past.

#8 Fong on 5 years ago

Sorry, flashmob was a misnomer.

What I really mean is just a large group of pokemon cosplayers. It wouldn't be choreographed dance or anything :P I just want to film a large number of pokemon cosplayers for a couple scenes -- and since the gathering would be reasonably large anyway it wouldn't be too bad.

#9 violetlights on 5 years ago

^^ That sounds really cool!

Just talked to some friends; one is coming as Red, and another might be there as Jolteon, with his roomate as Leafeon!

Also I've decided that I may do a Leaf cosplay instead of bringing Blue again :)

#10 solstis on 5 years ago

OK, I see. well that shouldn't bee too hard. Otakons Pokemon photo shoots are pretty big X3

Oh, we might get all the eeveelutions this year!

#11 Fatedfighter on 5 years ago

i'm gonna do a virizion, cobalion, terrakion and keldeo group hopefully
im gonna be Virizion

#12 violetlights on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=solstis;4627281]Oh, we might get all the eeveelutions this year![/QUOTE]

That would be so freaking cool if we could get all of the eeveelutions together! I'm trying to talk my friend into being Umbreon too, so we might have one more!

#13 Auroracuno on 5 years ago

Oooh, looks like lots of people are going to be headed to Otakon garbed in Pokemon gear. Thought I might as well join in. Will be attending as a Braviary for my first con [ Picture here: [url]http://auroracuno.deviantart.com/art/Braviary-Cosplay-WIP-357954684[/url] ]

Hope to see all of you there! ^^

#14 Auroracuno on 5 years ago

Oh sweet, looks like there won't be any lack of Pokemon cosplayers this year. Exciting ^^

I'll be going as a Braviary [ [url]http://auroracuno.deviantart.com/art/Braviary-Cosplay-WIP-357954684[/url] ].

Hope to see all of you there!

[ Unsure why this post didn't go through the first time, might have messed up the first time somehow. If it's a double post I'm sorry T.T ]

#15 Auroracuno on 5 years ago

[ If this is a double post it's mybad, I'm still trying to figure out if I can include links yet since they haven't been going through ]

I'll be going as a full Braviary. Hope to see all of you there!

[ WIP: [url]http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2013/064/5/8/braviary_cosplay_wip_by_auroracuno-d5x47lo.png[/url] ]